This MIB module defines a set of objects for monitoring the
        Visual Quality Experience Server (VQE-S) operational status. 
        VQE-S receives the channel lineups from the VQE Channel 
        Provisioning Tool. Each channel is uniquely identified with 
        a Service Delivery Protocol (SDP) description, including:
         - IP multicast address 
         - Real-Time Protocol (RTP) port number 
         - Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP) port number
         - Unicast feedback target address
         - RTP and RTCP port numbers 
        VQE-S supports Error Repair (ER) and Rapid Channel Change (RCC) 
        technologies to improve the delivery of IPTV video services. 
        When a VQE client (VQE-C) notices a missing packet or a group 
        of missing packets, it sends an RTCP Feedback Generic NACK 
        to the VQE-S. The VQE-S looks into its cache, and if it has any 
        of the requested packets, it sends them immediately to the VQE-C
        as RTP retransmission repair packets. When the VQE-C detects a 
        channel change, it immediately sends an RTCP Picture Loss 
        Indication (PLI) NACK to the VQE-S to request the information 
        for the VQE-C to recover its picture. Both ER and RCC are 
        unicast retransmissions.

Imported Objects

InetAddressType, InetAddress, InetPortNumberINET-ADDRESS-MIB
DateAndTime, TruthValueSNMPv2-TC
ciscoVqeSMIB .
ciscoVqeSMIBNotifs .
cvqsChannelUp .
cvqsChannelDown .
ciscoVqeSMIBObjects .
cvqsControlInfo .
cvqsNotificationsEnable .
cvqsChannelInfo .
cvqsNumberofChannels .
cvqsActiveChannels .
cvqsLastUpdatedTime .
cvqsChannelTable .
cvqsChannelTableEntry .
cvqsChannelIndex .
cvqsChannelMulticastIPType .
cvqsChannelMulticastIPAddr .
cvqsChannelMulticastPort .
cvqsChannelStatus .
cvqsChannelMemberPopulation .
cvqsErrorRepair .
cvqsTotalReceivedERMsgs .
cvqsTotalReceivedInvalidERMsgs .
cvqsTotalReceivedERPkts .
cvqsTotalSentERPkts .
cvqsRCC .
cvqsTotalReceivedRCCs .
cvqsTotalAcceptedRCCs .
cvqsTotalRefusedRCCs .
cvqsCapacity .
cvqsTotalRTCPReceivers .
cvqsRejectedRTCPs .
cvqsRejectedERs .
cvqsRejectedRCCs .
ciscoVqeSMIBConform .
cvqsMIBCompliances .
cvqsMIBGroups .