The MIB module for serial Tunneling.
        Overview of STUN MIB
        MIB description
        The STUN MIB provides the configuration and operational information 
        on Cisco's serial tunnelling implementation.  The following entities
        are managed:
         1) Global STUN information
         2) STUN groups
         3) STUN ports
         4) STUN routes
        The following example configuration shows how the STUN MIB returns
        STUN information, from either CISCO A or CISCO B.
         HOST == SDLC == Cisco A == IP Network == Cisco B == SDLC  == SDLC
                 line                                        line     device
        1) The STUN global entry identifies the IP address by which the
           router is known to other STUN peers.
        2) The STUN group table identifies the STUN group number and protocol
           type that Cisco A and Cisco B use to route SDLC traffic over the 
           IP network.  The table contains an entry for each STUN group
           defined on the router.
        3) The STUN port table identifies the serial interface to the SDLC 
           line for which the router is doing serial tunnelling.  The MIB also
           identifies the STUN group this interface is defined for, and
           identifies the default routing for unrecognized SDLC addresses.
           There is a port entry for each STUN-enabled interface on the router.
        4) The STUN route table has an entry for each address defined for
           routing within the STUN group, and an entry for the default routing
           if the 'stun route all' command is configured.  The route entry
           includes identification of the STUN peer, priority, state, whether
           local acknowledgment is enabled, and packet and byte counters.

Imported Objects

ifIndex, InterfaceIndexIF-MIB
ciscoStunMIB .
stunObjects .
stunGlobal .
stunIPAddr .
stunGroups .
stunGroupTable .
stunGroupEntry .
stunGroupIndex .
stunProtocolType .
stunPorts .
stunPortTable .
stunPortEntry .
stunPortGroupIndex .
stunPortDefaultPeerType .
stunPortDefaultPeerIP .
stunPortDefaultPeerSerialInterface .
stunRoutes .
stunRouteTable .
stunRouteEntry .
stunRouteStationAddress .
stunRouteRxBytes .
stunRouteTxBytes .
stunRouteType .
stunRouteRemoteIP .
stunRouteSerialInterface .
stunRoutePriority .
stunRoutePeerState .
stunRouteLocalAck .
stunRouteRxPackets .
stunRouteTxPackets .
stunNotificationPrefix .
stunNotifications .
stunPeerStateChangeNotification .
stunMibConformance .
stunMibCompliances .
stunMibGroups .