This MIB extends the OID's for SNMP-USM-MIB
        specified in RFC 3414.
        The privacy protocol OID's specified herein 
        are intended to be used as values  for 
        usmUserPrivProtocol when managing SNMPv3  
        users via the snmpUsmMIB.
        This MIB defines the OID's for the following
        encryption options:
               * 192 bit key size AES
               * 256 bit key size AES
               * 168 bit key size 3DES.
        OID for 128 bit key size AES encryption is 
        defined in SNMP-USM-AES-MIB as per the 
        RFC 3826.

Imported Objects

ciscoSnmpUsmOidsMIB .
ciscoSnmpPrivProtocols .
cusmAESCfb192PrivProtocol .
cusmAESCfb256PrivProtocol .
cusm3DES168PrivProtocol .