This MIB module defines managed objects that facilitate
        the management of Smart Install feature.  Smart Install is a
        plug-and-play image and configuration management feature which
        enables zero-touch deployment of Cisco network devices in an
        enterprise branch network.
        Following is the terminology associated with Smart Install
           A router or switch selected as the single management point
           for images and configuration of network devices in a Smart
           Install network.  When a device is first installed into the
           network, the director detects the new device and facilitates
           the correct Cisco IOS image and configuration file for the
           device based on user defined profiles.  With the automated
           process, a single or a group of devices are deployed without
           user intervention.
           The managed device includes, but not limited to, Cisco 2K/3K
           switches and EtherSwitch service modules.  Director learns
           about them through CDP or Smart Install protocol.
        Smart Install Capable Client
           A client device running Smart Install capable image.
           Devices are placed into Groups where they can be manipulated
           together rather than individually.
           Profile is the configuration file, image, etc. that a user
           programs for each group.
           The feature to archive/backup client device's configuration
           file upon 'write memory' on client.
           A join window is a time window during which the device is
           allowed to upgrade image or configuration files.  Only
           during this window can the director provide information
           about the image and configuration to the device.  A device
           attempting to join the network outside of the join window
           will not be allowed to do so, and cannot upgrade their image
           and configuration files.
        This MIB module is supported on the director but not on the
        client devices.  It is designed to:
           - Allow operators to make configurations for client devices
             before and after they connect to the director's network.
           - Support monitoring of client devices discovered by the
           - Provide status of the deployed client image and
             configuration as a result of operator defined profiles.
           - Provide notifications for notable events such as new
             device joined or upgrade failure if there is any.
        Please note that, in most cases a working DHCP pool is
        configured for the subnet(s) on which the client devices
        are located.  The DHCP server could be the director,
        another Cisco device running Cisco IOS, or a non-Cisco
        third-party server.
        CISCO-SMART-INSTALL-MIB Module usage:
        1) Create profile for a group of devices
           Profile is used to pre-configure image and configuration
           files for a group of devices.
           In csiProfileTable
            csiProfileIndex          = 8, 
            csiProfileGroupName      = '3750E_24', 
            csiProfileImageUrl       = 'tftp://',
            csiProfileImageTwoUrl    = '',
            csiProfileConfigUrl      = 'flash:/default_config.txt',
        2) Define a group of devices
           For example, to define a group matching on Catalyst 2960
           24 8 Poe switches:
           In csiMatchTable
            csiMatchIndex     = 1, 
            csiMatchGroupType = 'product',
            csiMatchProductId = 'WS-C2960-24LT-L',
            csiProfileIndex   = 6, 
        3) Enable Smart Install feature on the director
           The operator enables the Smart Install feature by setting
                csiOperationMode = basic(2)
        4) Display device information
           Director is aware of Smart Install capable devices and others
           connected to a Smart Install capable device.  This MIB table
           displays information about the devices, such as the running
           image, the MAC address, etc.
        5) Further refine the running environment
           Objects in csiGlobalConfig enable the Operator to tailor
           the director operation, such as:
           . Backup client device's configuration file.
           . Set up Join Window to monitor newly installed devices.

Imported Objects

TimeIntervalMin, Cisco2KVlanList, CiscoURLStringOrEmptyCISCO-TC
InetAddressType, InetAddressINET-ADDRESS-MIB
TruthValue, RowStatus, DateAndTime, MacAddress, StorageTypeSNMPv2-TC
ciscoSmartInstallMIB .
ciscoSmartInstallMIBNotifs .
csiOperationModeChange .
csiDeviceAdded .
csiDeviceLost .
csiFileLoadFailed .
ciscoSmartInstallMIBObjects .
csiGlobalConfig .
csiOperationMode .
csiDirectorIpAddressType .
csiDirectorIpAddress .
csiManagementVlan .
csiManagementVlansFirst2K .
csiManagementVlansSecond2K .
csiBackup .
csiBackupHostUrl .
csiBackupEnable .
csiJoinWindow .
csiJoinWindowConfigOperationMode .
csiJoinWindowPeriodNextFreeIndex .
csiJoinWindowPeriodTable .
csiJoinWindowPeriodEntry .
csiJoinWindowPeriodIndex .
csiJoinWindowPeriodStartTime .
csiJoinWindowPeriodInterval .
csiJoinWindowPeriodRecurrencePattern .
csiJoinWindowPeriodExpirationDate .
csiJoinWindowPeriodStorageType .
csiJoinWindowPeriodRowStatus .
csiProfile .
csiImageFileUrl .
csiConfigFileUrl .
csiHostnamePrefix .
csiProfileNextFreeIndex .
csiProfileTable .
csiProfileEntry .
csiProfileIndex .
csiProfileGroupName .
csiProfileImageUrl .
csiProfileImageTwoUrl .
csiProfileConfigUrl .
csiProfileStorageType .
csiProfileRowStatus .
csiMatchTable .
csiMatchEntry .
csiMatchIndex .
csiMatchStorageType .
csiMatchRowStatus .
csiMatchGroupType .
csiMatchMacAddress .
csiMatchHostAddressType .
csiMatchHostAddress .
csiMatchHostInterface .
csiMatchProductId .
csiMatchSwitchNum .
csiMatchSwitchProductId .
csiDeviceInfo .
csiDeviceTable .
csiDeviceEntry .
csiDeviceNum .
csiDeviceStatus .
csiDeviceMacAddress .
csiDeviceAddressType .
csiDeviceAddress .
csiDeviceName .
csiDeviceBackupConfigFileName .
csiDeviceImageVersion .
csiDevicePlatform .
csiDeviceSerialNum .
csiNotifObjects .
csiNotifEnable .
csiNotifOperationType .
csiNotifOperationResult .
ciscoSmartInstallMIBConform .
ciscoSmartInstallCompliances .
ciscoSmartInstallGroups .