The Cisco Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Calls MIB
module is designed to provide protocol-specific
information on SIP calls which are currently active.
SIP is an application-layer signalling protocol for
creating, modifying and terminating multimedia
sessions with one or more participants. SIP is defined
in RFC 3261 (June 2002).
The endpoints in a SIP communication are called user 
agents. A user agent is an application which contains
both a User Agent Client (UAC) and a User Agent Server
(UAS). A UAC is an application that initiates a SIP
request. A UAS is an application that contacts the
user when a SIP request is received and that returns
a response on behalf of the user. This MIB module
provides information on SIP calls and the user agents
initiating these calls. Also, it provides a way to
manage media forking of SIP calls.

Imported Objects

callActiveSetupTime, callActiveIndexDIAL-CONTROL-MIB
InetAddressType, InetAddress, InetPortNumberINET-ADDRESS-MIB
MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Integer32, Unsigned32, Gauge32SNMPv2-SMI
ciscoSipCallsMIBNotifs .
ciscoSipCallsMIBObjects .
cSipCallActive .
cSipUACActiveCalls .
cSipUASActiveCalls .
cSipCallActiveTable .
cSipCallActiveEntry .
cSipCallActiveId .
cSipCallActiveDestReqIpAddr .
cSipCallActiveDestReqPort .
cSipCallActiveDestResIpAddrType .
cSipCallActiveDestResIpAddr .
cSipCallActiveDestResPort .
cSipCallActiveDestIpAddrType .
cSipCallActiveDestIpAddr .
cSipCallActiveMediaStreams .
cSipCallActiveMediaStreamsActive .
cSipCallActiveType .
cSipCallActiveState .
cSipCallActiveSubstate .
cSipCallActiveCallingNumber .
cSipCallActiveCalledNumber .
cSipCallActiveSigSrcIpAddrType .
cSipCallActiveSigSrcIpAddr .
cSipCallActiveDestReqIpAddrType .
cSipMediaStreamsTable .
cSipMediaStreamsEntry .
cSipMediaStreamIndex .
cSipMediaStreamSrcIpAddr .
cSipMediaStreamSrcPort .
cSipMediaStreamDestIpAddrType .
cSipMediaStreamDestIpAddr .
cSipMediaStreamDestPort .
cSipMediaStreamState .
cSipMediaStreamCallId .
cSipMediaStreamType .
cSipMediaStreamNegotdCodec .
cSipMediaStreamCodecPayloadType .
cSipMediaStreamNegotdDtmfRelay .
cSipMediaStreamDtmfPayloadType .
cSipMediaStreamSrcIpAddrType .
cSipCallsMIBConformance .
cSipCallsMIBCompliances .
cSipCallsMIBGroups .