This MIB module defines objects describing traffic controllers
used by a service control entity.

A service control entity is a network device which monitors and
controls traffic. The service control enitity is used as a
platform for different service control applications which may
perform monitoring operations beyond packet counting and delve
deeper into the contents of network traffic, such as deep packet
It provides programmable stateful inspection of bidirectional
traffic flows, maps these flows to users or subscribers, and can
control traffic flow according to different attributes.

A service control entity traffic controller can act as a rather
simple policer or implement more complicated logic in
controlling traffic, up to actual applicative attributes of the
traffic itself.

The global service controller is a controller component
implemented by the service control entity, which acts as a
rather simple policer for traffic transiting through the service
control entity. A global service controller may be configured
per service control entity interface with a configurable
bandwidth limitation. The controller is responsible for the
enforcement of the bandwith limitation configured in the service
control entity.

Aggregative global controller is a mechanism that allows 
dynamic bandwidth allocation between two global controllers
that reside on the same direction of two links. Regularly, a
global controller is configured per physical port.
When aggregative global controller is configured, the relevant 
per-port global controllers are configured dynamically and 
automatically by the aggregative global controller mechanism.

Primary bandwidth controller controls the total of subscriber
traffic and manage the number of bandwidth controller. 
Its main properties are committed information rate, 
peak information rate, and relative priority.

Imported Objects

ciscoServiceControlMIBObjects .
cscGlobalControllersTable .
cscGlobalControllersEntry .
cscGlobalControllersIndex .
cscGlobalControllersId .
cscGlobalControllersDescription .
cscGlobalControllersBandwidthUnits .
cscGlobalControllersBandwidth .
cscGlobalControllersUtilization .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersTable .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersEntry .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersSide .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersAgcId .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersLimit .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersRate .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersLinkTable .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersLinkEntry .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersLinkIndex .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersLinkSide .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersLinkAgcId .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersLinkEnforcedRate .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersCommittedInformationRate .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersPeakInformationRate .
cscAggregativeGlobalControllersAssuranceLevel .
ciscoServiceControlMIBConform .
ciscoServiceControlMIBCompliances .
ciscoServiceControlMIBObjectGroups .