MIB module to provide information about the SanTap 
service configuration.             

SanTap is a fibre channel switch based capability that 
provides a reliable copy of the data flowing between 
a set of one or more initiators and a set of one or 
more targets connected to the fabric.

Adminstrator must configure the switch to create the 
Control Virtual Target (CVT) for the SanTap service. 
CVTs are used to implement the control path which process 
all SanTap service requests sent out by an appliance. 

Prior to requesting for SanTap service the appliance 
contacts the CVT, specifies the initiator and the target 
for replicating the data flowing between them.
This MIB provides an interface to configure the CVT for 
the SanTap service on the fibre channel switch modules.

Glossary of terms used in this MIB:

Fabric - The set of physically connected fibre channel

VSAN - Virtual Storage Area Network, similar to a 
       Virtual Fabric as defined by T11. 

WWN  - World Wide Name. Mechanism of uniquely 
       identifying the devices in Fibre Channel 

Appliance - It is a storage target, which can  
       requests the SanTap service for the reliable 
       copy of the data flowing between a specific 
       host initiator and a target. 

CVT  - Control Virtual Target. It is a logical target 
       port that resides on the switch and is used 
       for the purpose of communicating control traffic 
       from an appliance.

DVT  - Data Virtual Target.  It is a logical target port
       that resides on the switch and is used to intercept 
       traffic meant for a real target.

Imported Objects

VsanIndex, FcNameIdOrZero, FcNameIdCISCO-ST-TC
RowStatus, TruthValueSNMPv2-TC
ciscoSanTapMIBObjects .
cstModuleTable .
cstModuleEntry .
cstModuleId .
cstServiceConfigTable .
cstServiceConfigEntry .
cstCVTNodeWwn .
cstCVTPortWwn .
cstServiceConfigRowStatus .
cstCVTName .
cstDVTConfigTable .
cstDVTConfigEntry .
cstDVTPortWwn .
cstDVTTargetVsan .
cstDVTPort .
cstDVTName .
cstDVTRowStatus .
cstDVTLunSizeHandling .
cstDVTIOTimeout .
ciscoSanTapMIBConformance .
ciscoSanTapMIBCompliances .
ciscoSanTapMIBGroups .
ciscoSanTapNotifications .