This module provides a subtree to define OIDs so that
        various routing 'policies' used by Cisco routers can be
        expressed. This module defines only this 'policy' OID
        space and doesn't define any other object.
        As an example, these OIDs are required by at least the
        following MIB objects: inetCidrRoutePolicy
        ( IP-FORWARD-MIB, RFC4292 ) and
        mplsL3VpnVrfRteInetCidrPolicy ( MPLS-L3VPN-STD-MIB
        RCS4382).  Both of these objects are defined as OBJECT
        IDENTIFIERs without any defined semantics, to
        differentiate between multiple entries to the same
        destination in the tables inetCidrRoutePolicyTable and
        mplsL3VpnVrfRteInetCidrTable.  These two objects
        utilise a generalised notion of 'policy' defined in
        this module.
        The table inetCidrRouteTable of IP-FORWARD-MIB may list
        multiple paths pointing out of (either):
        * different interfaces with the same next-hop
                ipv6 route 2003::/64 interface gig0/0 2222::1
                ipv6 route 2003::/64 interface gig0/1 2222::1
        * different interfaces with no next-hop
                ipv6 route 2003::/64 interface gig0/0
                ipv6 route 2003::/64 interface gig0/1
        2003::/64 and 2222::1 represent an IPv6 route-prefix
        and IPv6 next-hop respectively.
        If these interfaces were in different zones, then the
        'InetAddressIPv6z' type next-hop could distinguish
        them. If they are in the same zone, then the two
        interfaces refer to the same link.
        The indices of inetCidrRouteTable are:
        The inetCidrRoutePolicy object, when instantiated with a
        value from crpPolicyIfIndex, allows us to distinguish
        the routing table entries mentioned in the examples
        [1] IP-FORWARD-MIB (RFC4292)
        [2] MPLS-L3VPN-STD-MIB (RFC4382)
        [3] ifIndex, IF-MIB
        [4] RFC 4291 IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture,
        Section 2.2, Text Representation of Addresses.

Imported Objects

ciscoRoutePoliciesMIB .
ciscoRoutePoliciesMIBNotifs .
ciscoRoutePoliciesMIBObjects .
crpPolicies .
crpPolicyIfIndex .
ciscoRoutePoliciesMIBConform .