This MIB module defines managed objects that support the
policy source configuration of Quality of Service (QoS) on
the device.

Terminology :

Common Open Policy Service (COPS) : A client/server model for
supporting policy control over QoS Signaling Protocols and
provisioned QoS resource management, etc.  COPS is a query and
response protocol that can be used to exchange policy
information between a policy server (Policy Decision Point or
PDP) and its clients (Policy Enforcement Points or PEPs).

Policy Information Base (PIB) : The database of policy
information stored in the COPS client device.

QoS : The method which attempts to ensure that the network
requirements of different applications can be met by giving
preferential forwarding treatment to some traffic, perhaps at
the expense of other traffic.

QoS policy : a set of parameters used to achieve QoS purpose.
The device uses these parameters in flow classification, flow
scheduling, flow policing and codepoint mutation.

RSVP : Resource Reservation Protocol.  RSVP is a signaling
mechanism that the application will use to signal parameters
to the network, so that network can assign QoS for the
application data stream.

COPS-PR : a COPS client type which supports device's
provisioning of QoS policy.

COPS-RSVP : a COPS client type which supports device's
outsourcing of QoS policy (RSVP).

Imported Objects

ciscoQosPolicyConfigMIBObjects .
qosPolicyGlobalObjects .
qosEnabled .
qosPrAdminPolicySource .
qosPrOperPolicySource .
qosRsvpAdminPolicySource .
qosRsvpOperPolicySource .
qosCopsPolicyStatus .
qosPolicyInterfaceObjects .
qosPrIfTable .
qosPrIfEntry .
qosPrIfAdminPolicySource .
qosPrIfOperPolicySource .
qosIfCapabilityTable .
qosIfCapabilityEntry .
qosIfDirection .
qosIfQType .
qosIfCapabilities .
ciscoQosPolicyMIBNotifications .
ciscoQosPolicyConfigMIBConformance .
ciscoQosPolicyConfigMIBCompliances .
ciscoQosPolicyConfigMIBGroups .