This MIB module manages the client side
        functionality of the Persistent Storage Device(PSD).
        This MIB instrumentation is for configuring
        data-store(PSD client) feature on GGSN and monitoring
        the state of the PSD server(up/down/full).
        The Cisco Persistent Storage Device(PSD) is an
        extension to existing storage on the Cisco Content
        Services Gateway(CSG).
        The GGSN currently allows sending of the CDRs to an
        active CG, while allowing up to two standby CG's to
        be configured. When all the configured CG's become
        unavailable, the CDRs get stored at the GGSN and
        start using up GGSN resources such as memory. As the
        amount of memory is limited on GGSN and failure of
        GGSN shall lead to losing these stored CDRs.
        Using PSD as temporary storage, shall avoid losses
        due to these problems. When all the configured CG's
        are unavailable, GGSN needs to backup the live closed
        CDR's to a PSD. When any of the CG's shall become
        available, GGSN shall retrieve the stored CDR's
        automatically from the PSD and forwards them to the
        active CG.
        PSD supports the charging protocol(GTP'), version 0 
        with a few private extensions, which is used to
        facilitate the required functionality via UDP.
        Acronyms and terms:
          CDR    Call Detail Record
          CID    Charging Identification
          CG     Charging Gateway
          CGF    Charging Gateway Functionality
          DS     Data-Store
          ETSI   European Telecommunications Standards
          Ga     Name of the interface between SGSN/GGSN and
          Gi     Name of the interface between GGSN and PDN
          Gn     Name of the interface between GGSN and SGSN
          G-CDR  Gateway GPRS Support Node-Call Detail Record
          GGSN   Gateway GPRS Support Node
          GPRS   General Packet Radio Service
          GSM    Global System for Mobile communication
          GTP    GPRS Tunneling Protocol
          GTP'   GTP enhanced for charging
          IE     Information Element
          MS     Mobile Station
          PDN    Packet Data Network
          PDP    Packet Data Protocol
          SGSN   Serving GPRS support Node
          TOS    Type of Service.
          PSD    Persistence Storage Device.

Imported Objects

InetAddressType, InetAddressINET-ADDRESS-MIB
RowStatus, TruthValueSNMPv2-TC
ciscoPsdClientMIB .
ciscoPsdClientMIBNotifs .
cPsdClientDownNotif .
cPsdClientUpNotif .
cPsdClientDiskFullNotif .
ciscoPsdClientMIBObjects .
ciscoPsdClientStatistics .
cPsdClientDSWriteReq .
cPsdClientDSReadReq .
cPsdClientDSRdWrRetrans .
cPsdClientDSDiskFullTrans .
ciscoPsdClientNotifMgmt .
cPsdClientNotifEnable .
ciscoPsdClientConfigurations .
cPsdClientDSTable .
cPsdClientDSEntry .
cPsdClientDSName .
cPsdClientDSAutoRetrieve .
cPsdClientDSMaxRetrieve .
cPsdClientDSRowStatus .
cPsdClientDSServerTable .
cPsdClientDSServerEntry .
cPsdClientDSServerAddressType .
cPsdClientDSServerAddress .
cPsdClientDSRetrieveOnly .
cPsdClientDSServerRowStatus .
ciscoPsdClientNotifInfo .
cPsdClientNotifDSServerAddrType .
cPsdClientNotifDSServerAddress .
ciscoPsdClientMIBConform .
cPsdClientMIBCompliances .
cPsdClientMIBGroups .