This MIB is intended for devices powered by 
        external power sources, in particular Power 
        Over Ethernet (PoE or formerly called inline 
        power), to provide power usage configuration 
        and information for NMS.  For example, PoE 
        supplies DC power over standard Category 5 
        unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable.  Instead 
        of requiring wall power, powered devices such 
        as IP telephones can utilize power provided
        from power source equipments.  By using Cisco
        Discovery Protocol (CDP),  powered devices 
        can negotiated with power source equipment to
        obtain optimum power supply. 
        Midspan Injector
            The midspan PSE sends out a signal tone down
            one of the unused pairs of the standard 
            Category 5 cable and detects tone on the 
            other unused pair when the PD loops this tone
            back to it through a loopback transformer.  
            Once the midspan PSE detects this tone, it 
            begins to provide power down the cable using 
            the unused pairs.  The midspan PSE provide no 
            physical layer capability. 
        Powered Device ( PD )
            These are devices powered by external electrical
            power sources.  They are, for example, IP 
            telephones and wireless Access Points or bridges. 
        Power Source Equipment ( PSE )
            These are devices supplying electrical power to  
            other equipments.  They are, for example, inline 
            power switches and power patch panels.

Imported Objects

ciscoPoePdMIB .
cpoePdMIBNotifications .
cpoePdMIBObjects .
cpoePdInformation .
cpoePdCurrentPowerLevel .
cpoePdCurrentPowerSource .
cpoePdSupportedPowerLevelTable .
cpoePdSupportedPowerLevelEntry .
cpoePdSupportedPowerLevel .
cpoePdSupportedPower .
cpoePdSupportedPowerMode .
cpoePdMIBConformance .
cpoePdMIBCompliances .
cpoePdMIBGroups .