This MIB module describes, stores, and reports outage 
        related information generated by individual hardware 
        and software components comprising a router. They includes 
        physical interfaces, logical interfaces, physical 
        entities such as chassis, slots, modules, ports, 
        power supplies, and fan, software processes 
        running on each card, and logical entity, which can be 
        defined by outage monitoring program,
        which are IOS software for each LC and RP,
        router device, and CPU utilization. 
        The outage related information comprises entity or 
        interface up and down, process start and abnormal 
        or normal termination, unusually high CPU utilization
        caused, for example, by Denial of Service (DoS) attack,
        The outage related event can be collected by means of 
        Cisco's fault manager, Cisco's event manager, and 
        syslog messages, etc.
        An outage manager maintains the following outage data
        for each component.
            1) Accumulated Outage Time (AOT): total outage 
               time of a component from the beginning of 
               the measurement. 
            2) Number of Accumulated Failure (NAF): total 
               number of failure instance from the 
               beginning of the measurement.
            3) Recording Start Time (RST): the date-time 
               that the measurement process began against the object. 
        Using aforementioned outage data, users can calculate 
        and correlate to derive availability information as 
            1) Component Availability: the probability 
               that a component will operate when needed. 
               = (1 - (Outage Time / Duration))
            2) DPM (Defects per Million): measure(s) of the 
               defects of the system that have an immediate 
               impact on the end-user. 
               = ([AOTi / (Measurement Interval)] x 10**6)
            3) MTTR(Mean Time To Recovery): expected average 
               time to restore a failed component. 
               = (AOTi / NAFi)
            4) MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure): expected 
               average time between failures of a component.
               = (T2 - RSTi) / NAFi 
            5) MTTF (Mean Time To Failure): the mean time to 
               failure once the device starts working.
               = (MTBFi - MTTRi = (T2 - RSTi - AOTi) / NAFi)
                                 measurement 1
                             |                   |
            System Up @------|-------------------|----> Time
                            RSTi                 T2
            At the beginning RSTi:
        	       tmp_AOT = AOTi (from the MIB polling);
            At the end T2:
               Duration = Current Time(T2) - RSTi;
               Outage Time = AOTj - tmp_AOT;

Imported Objects

InetAddressType, InetAddressINET-ADDRESS-MIB
ciscoOutageMIB .
ciscoOutageMIBObjects .
cOutageBasicInfo .
cOutageApplVersion .
cOutageNotificationsSent .
cOutageNotificationsEnabled .
cOutageNotificationFilterEnabled .
cOutageFilteredEvents .
cOutageHistory .
cOutageHistTableSize .
cOutageHistMsgsFlushed .
cOutageHistoryTable .
cOutageHistoryEntry .
cOutageEventIndex .
cOutageEventObjectType .
cOutageEventMonObjectIndex .
cOutageEventTypeIndex .
cOutageEventTime .
cOutageEventInterval .
cOutageDescription .
cOutageEventTypeMapTable .
cOutageEventTypeMapEntry .
cOutageEventTypeMapIndex .
cOutageEventTypeName .
cOutageEventTypeDescrText .
cOutageMonObject .
cOutageObjectTable .
cOutageObjectEntry .
cOutageObjectType .
cOutageMonitoredObjectIndex .
cOutageCurrentStatus .
cOutageAOTSinceMeasureStarted .
cOutageNAFSinceMeasureStarted .
cOutageRecordingStartTime .
cOutageCpmMapping .
cOutageCpmMapTable .
cOutageCpmMapEntry .
cOutageCpmMapIndex .
cOutageCpmCPUTotalIndex .
cOutageCpmProcessPID .
cOutageRmtMapping .
cOutageRemoteObjMapTable .
cOutageRemoteObjMapEntry .
cOutageRemoteObjMapIndex .
cOutageRemoteObjIDType .
cOutageRemoteObjID .
cOutageRemoteObjDescrText .
cOutageLntMapping .
cOutageLogicalObjMapTable .
cOutageLogicalObjMapEntry .
cOutageLogicalObjMapIndex .
cOutageLogicalObjDescrText .
ciscoOutageMIBNotificationPrefix .
ciscoOutageMIBNotifications .
ciscoOutageEvent .
ciscoOutageMIBConformance .
ciscoOutageMIBCompliances .
ciscoOutageMIBGroups .