The On-Board Management Interface (OBMI) provides an
        out-of-band communications channel (in Cisco terms: 
        a console port), that is capable of running on various
        low-speed to high-speed satellite telemetry busses,
        such as the m500 bus.
        OBMI is similar to SNMP in principle and function, in 
        that it allows 'getting' data from or 'setting' 
        configurations in a device, however, OBMI is functional
        regardless of the software state of the device.  It
        must be so, because OBMI is the primary control mechanism
        for a device operating in the harsh environment of space.
        OBMI transports command messages that originate from the
        ground to a device in space and transports telemetry 
        messages that originate from that device in space to the
        The OBMI application is divided into three conceptual layers:
        1.  The OBMI application layer which concerns operating system
            subsystems and their associated command and telemetry
        2.  A FRAMING layer which formats the OBMI messages into
            frames that are suitable for transport over a specific
            spacecraft bus.
        3.  The PHY (physical) layer which handles sending and 
            receiving the frames over the physical media.
        Counts associated with the success or failure of these
        various transport layers are reported by this MIB.
        command   :  data that goes from the ground to the device 
                     in space
        frame     :  OBMI messages are broken into frames to be
                     sent by the physical bus or reassembled from
                     the bus to be sent to the OBMI subsystem
        m500      :  A particular space command/telemetry bus
        message   :  fully assembled set of frames that make up
                     commands or telemetry. The topmost OBMI 
                     layer of the OBMI subsystem operates with
        OBMI      :  On-board Management Interface
        telemetry :  data that goes from the device in space to the
        word      :  a collection of bits, sized for the particular

Imported Objects

MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Counter32, Gauge32, Unsigned32SNMPv2-SMI
DisplayString, TruthValueSNMPv2-TC
ciscoObmiMIB .
ciscoObmiMIBNotifs .
ciscoObmiMIBObjects .
cObmiTransportTable .
cObmiTransportEntry .
cObmiBusID .
cObmiTelemetrySent .
cObmiTelemetryDemandSent .
cObmiTelemetryPending .
cObmiBusName .
cObmiCommandRx .
cObmiCommandProcessedTotal .
cObmiCommandGets .
cObmiCommandSets .
cObmiCommandProcessedInvalid .
cObmiCommandPending .
cObmiCommandDropped .
cObmiTransportHeartBeatTable .
cObmiTransportHeartBeatEntry .
cObmiHeartBeatPort .
cObmiHeartBeatSent .
cObmiHeartBeatPending .
cObmiM500FramingTable .
cObmiM500FramingEntry .
cObmiM500RxFrames .
cObmiM500TxAbortFrames .
cObmiM500TxEchoFrames .
cObmiM500TxTransportErrFrames .
cObmiM500RxQOverRun .
cObmiM500TxQ0UnderRun .
cObmiM500TxQ1UnderRun .
cObmiM500TxCtlQOverRun .
cObmiM500RxBytes .
cObmiM500RxAbortFrames .
cObmiM500RxEchoFrames .
cObmiM500RxResetFrames .
cObmiM500RxTransportErrFrames .
cObmiM500RxUnknownOpFrames .
cObmiM500TxFrames .
cObmiM500TxBytes .
cObmiM500PhyTable .
cObmiM500PhyEntry .
cObmiM500BusALOS .
cObmiM500TelemetryReqParityErr .
cObmiM500CommandParityErr .
cObmiM500CommandTimeout .
cObmiM500CommandOverWrt .
cObmiM500BusBLOS .
cObmiM500LastActiveBus .
cObmiM500CommandsRcvd .
cObmiM500TelemetrySent .
cObmiM500TelemetryErrs .
cObmiM500CommandErrs .
cObmiM500CommandOverWrts .
cObmiM500HWParityErr .
ciscoObmiMIBConform .
ciscoObmiMIBCompliances .
ciscoObmiMIBGroups .