This MIB module is an extension of the NHRP MIB module as
defined in RFC 2677. It defines notifications associated with
critical events in the Next Hop Resolution Protocol, NHRP, as
defined in RFC 2332. This module also contains information about
Cisco proprietary enhancements to the protocol.

Glossary of terms used in this MIB:

    NBMA                Non-Broadcast Multi-Access

    NHRP                Next Hop Resolution Protocol

    Internetwork layer  The media-independent layer(IP in case
                        of TCP/IP networks)

    Subnetwork layer    The media-dependent layer underlying
                        the internetwork layer, including the
                        NBMA technology

    NHC                 Next Hop Client - An entity which 
                        initiates NHRP requests of various
                        types to obtain access to NHRP service.

    NHS                 Next Hop Server - An entity providing 
                        the NHRP service within the NBMA cloud.

    NHRC                Next Hop Registration Client - An
                        entity which initiates NHRP 
                        registration requests.

    NHRS                Next Hop Registration Server - An
                        entity for which an NHRP registration 
                        request is destined.

    NHP                 Next Hop Peer - Any two NHRP entities in
                        an NBMA network which are not related by
                        an NHRS-NHRC relationship(either of them
                        has not registered with the other) are
                        NHPs to each other.

    Client              Unless explicitly stated or obvious 
                        from context, a client refers to an NHC

    Server              Unless explicitly stated or obvious 
                        from context, a server refers to an NHS

    Station             A station refers to a host or router
                        which contains an NHRP entity(NHC/NHS)

NHRC and NHRS are relevant to a client server model based on
registrations alone, in which NHRC is a client and NHRS is a

In case the use of any term is not clear from context or not
explicitly stated, they mean the same as in RFC 2332 and 
RFC 2677.

[1] RFC 2332 - NBMA Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP)
[2] RFC 2677 - Definitions of Managed Objects for the NBMA 
               Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP)

Imported Objects

ifName, ifIndexIF-MIB
nhrpServerNhcNbmaAddrType, nhrpServerNhcInternetworkAddr, nhrpServerNhcNbmaAddr, nhrpServerNhcNbmaSubaddr, nhrpServerIndex, nhrpServerInternetworkAddrType, nhrpServerInternetworkAddr, nhrpServerNbmaAddrType, nhrpServerNbmaAddr, nhrpServerNbmaSubaddr, nhrpServerNhcInUse, nhrpServerCacheUniqueness, nhrpClientStatEntry, nhrpServerStatEntry, nhrpCacheNextHopInternetworkAddr, nhrpCacheNbmaAddrType, nhrpCacheNbmaAddr, nhrpCacheNbmaSubaddr, nhrpCacheType, nhrpServerNhcInternetworkAddrType, nhrpClientRegUniqueness, nhrpClientNhsInternetworkAddr, nhrpClientNhsInternetworkAddrType, nhrpClientNhsNbmaAddrType, nhrpClientNhsNbmaAddr, nhrpClientNhsNbmaSubaddr, nhrpClientIndex, nhrpClientInternetworkAddrType, nhrpClientInternetworkAddr, nhrpClientNbmaAddrType, nhrpClientNbmaAddr, nhrpClientNbmaSubaddr, nhrpClientHoldTime, nhrpClientNhsInUse, nhrpServerNhcPrefixLengthNHRP-MIB
cneNotifs .
cneNotifNextHopRegServerUp .
cneNotifNextHopRegServerDown .
cneNotifNextHopRegClientUp .
cneNotifNextHopRegClientDown .
cneNotifNextHopPeerUp .
cneNotifNextHopPeerDown .
cneNotifRateLimitExceeded .
cneObjects .
cneGeneralObjects .
cneNextHopDownReason .
cneNHRPException .
cneClientObjects .
cneClientStatExtTable .
cneClientStatExtEntry .
cneClientStatRedirectRx .
cneServerObjects .
cneServerStatExtTable .
cneServerStatExtEntry .
cneServerStatRedirectTx .
cneNotificationControlObjects .
cneNotifEnable .
cneConform .
cneCompliances .
cneGroups .