The Netflow MIB provides a simple and easy method
        to get NetFlow cache information, current NetFlow
        configuration and statistics. It will enable medium to
        small size enterprises to take advantage of NetFlow
        technology over SNMP at a reduced infrastructure cost.
        The MIB is created to provide Netflow information in
        these areas:
               1. Cache information and configuration.
               2. Export information and configuration.
               4. Export Statistics.
               5. Protocol Statistics.
               6. Version 9 Export Template information.
               7. Top Flows information.
        Terminology used
        A flow is defined as an unidirectional sequence of
        packets between a given source and destination
        endpoints. Network flows are highly granular;
        flow endpoints are identified both by IP address as
        well as by transport layer application port numbers.
        NetFlow also utilizes the IP Protocol type,
        Type of Service (ToS) and the input interface
        identifier to uniquely identify flows.
        A device (for example, a router) with NetFlow
        services enabled. The exporter monitors packets
        entering an observation point and creates flows out
        of these packets. The information from these flows
        are exported in the form of Flow Records to
        the collector.
        Flow Record
        A Flow Record provides information about an IP Flow
        that exists on the Exporter. The Flow Records are
        commonly referred to as NetFlow Services data or
        NetFlow data.
        The NetFlow Collector receives Flow Records from
        one or more Exporters. It processes the received
        export packet, i.e. parses, stores the Flow Record
        information. The flow records may be optionally
        aggregated before storing into the hard disk.
        NetFlow Version 9 Export format is template based.
        Version 9 record format consists of a packet header
        followed by at least one or more template or data
        FlowSets. A template FlowSet (collection of one or more
        template) provides a description of the fields that
        will be present in future data FlowSets. Templates
        provide an extensible design to the record format,
        a feature that should allow future enhancements to
        NetFlow services without requiring concurrent changes
        to the basic flow-record format.
        One additional record type is also a part of
        Version 9 specification: an options template. Rather
        than supplying information about IP flows, options are
        used to supply meta-data about the NetFlow process
        Top Flows.
        This feature provides a mechanism which allows the
        top N flows in the netflow cache to be viewed
        in real time.
        Criteria can be set to limit the feature to particular
        flows of interest, which can aid in DoS detection.
        Only the number of flows (TopN) and the sort criteria
        (SortBy) need be set.
        Top Flows is not intended as a mechanism for exporting
        the entire netflow cache.
        Egress flows.
        This feature provides a mechanism to identify a flow
        as either an ingress or an egress flow.

Imported Objects

InterfaceIndex, InterfaceIndexOrZero, ifIndexIF-MIB
InetAddressType, InetAddress, InetAddressPrefixLength, InetPortNumber, InetAutonomousSystemNumberINET-ADDRESS-MIB
MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Counter32, Unsigned32, Integer32, Gauge32, Counter64SNMPv2-SMI
RowStatus, TruthValue, TimeStamp, DisplayString, TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONSNMPv2-TC
ciscoNetflowMIB .
ciscoNetflowMIBNotifs .
ciscoNetflowMIBObjects .
cnfCacheInfo .
cnfCIInterfaceTable .
cnfCIInterfaceEntry .
cnfCINetflowEnable .
cnfCIMcastNetflowEnable .
cnfCICacheTable .
cnfCICacheEntry .
cnfCICacheType .
cnfCICacheEnable .
cnfCICacheEntries .
cnfCIActiveFlows .
cnfCIInactiveFlows .
cnfCIActiveTimeOut .
cnfCIInactiveTimeOut .
cnfCIMinSourceMask .
cnfCIMinDestinationMask .
cnfCIBridgedFlowStatsCtrlTable .
cnfCIBridgedFlowStatsCtrlEntry .
cnfCIBridgedFlowVlan .
cnfCIBridgedFlowStatsCrtEnable .
cnfCIBridgedFlowStatsExpEnable .
cnfCIMcastNetflowRPFFailedEnable .
cnfExportInfo .
cnfEIExportInfoTable .
cnfEIExportInfoEntry .
cnfEIExportVersion .
cnfEIPeerAS .
cnfEIOriginAS .
cnfEIBgpNextHop .
cnfEIMaxCollectors .
cnfEICollectorTable .
cnfEICollectorEntry .
cnfEICollectorAddressType .
cnfEICollectorAddress .
cnfEICollectorPort .
cnfEICollectorStatus .
cnfExportStatistics .
cnfESSampledPacket .
cnfESExportRate .
cnfESRecordsExported .
cnfESPktsExported .
cnfESPktsFailed .
cnfESPktsDropped .
cnfProtocolStatistics .
cnfPSPacketSizeDistribution .
cnfPSLastClearElapsedTime .
cnfPSProtocolStatTable .
cnfPSProtocolStatEntry .
cnfPSProtocolType .
cnfPSExpiredFlows .
cnfPSPackets .
cnfPSBytes .
cnfPSActive .
cnfPSInactive .
cnfExportTemplate .
cnfTemplateOptionsFlag .
cnfTemplateTable .
cnfTemplateEntry .
cnfTemplateType .
cnfTemplateAdded .
cnfTemplateActive .
cnfTemplateAgerPolls .
cnfTemplateExportInfoTable .
cnfTemplateExportInfoEntry .
cnfTemplateExportVer9Enable .
cnfTemplateExportVer9TplTimeout .
cnfTemplateExportVer9OptTimeout .
cnfTemplateExportVer9TplRefreshRate .
cnfTemplateExportVer9OptRefreshRate .
cnfTopFlows .
cnfTopFlowsTimeStamp .
cnfTopFlowsMatchSrcAddress .
cnfTopFlowsMatchSrcAddressMask .
cnfTopFlowsMatchDstAddressType .
cnfTopFlowsMatchDstAddress .
cnfTopFlowsMatchDstAddressMask .
cnfTopFlowsMatchNhAddressType .
cnfTopFlowsMatchNhAddress .
cnfTopFlowsMatchNhAddressMask .
cnfTopFlowsMatchSrcPortLo .
cnfTopFlowsMatchSrcPortHi .
cnfTopFlowsTopN .
cnfTopFlowsMatchDstPortLo .
cnfTopFlowsMatchDstPortHi .
cnfTopFlowsMatchSrcAS .
cnfTopFlowsMatchDstAS .
cnfTopFlowsMatchInputIf .
cnfTopFlowsMatchOutputIf .
cnfTopFlowsMatchTOSByte .
cnfTopFlowsMatchProtocol .
cnfTopFlowsMatchSampler .
cnfTopFlowsMatchClass .
cnfTopFlowsAvailableFlows .
cnfTopFlowsMatchMinPackets .
cnfTopFlowsMatchMaxPackets .
cnfTopFlowsMatchMinBytes .
cnfTopFlowsMatchMaxBytes .
cnfTopFlowsMatchDirection .
cnfTopFlowsGenerate .
cnfTopFlowsReportAvailable .
cnfTopFlowsNextGenActionEffect .
cnfTopFlowsReportSource .
cnfTopFlowsMatchingFlows .
cnfTopFlowsTotalFlows .
cnfTopFlowsSortBy .
cnfTopFlowsCacheTimeout .
cnfTopFlowsTable .
cnfTopFlowsTableEntry .
cnfTopFlowsIndex .
cnfTopFlowsSrcPort .
cnfTopFlowsDstPort .
cnfTopFlowsSrcAS .
cnfTopFlowsDstAS .
cnfTopFlowsInputIfIndex .
cnfTopFlowsOutputIfIndex .
cnfTopFlowsFirstSwitched .
cnfTopFlowsLastSwitched .
cnfTopFlowsTOS .
cnfTopFlowsProtocol .
cnfTopFlowsSrcAddressType .
cnfTopFlowsTCPFlags .
cnfTopFlowsSamplerID .
cnfTopFlowsClassID .
cnfTopFlowsFlags .
cnfTopFlowsBytes .
cnfTopFlowsPackets .
cnfTopFlowsVlan .
cnfTopFlowsSrcAddress .
cnfTopFlowsSrcAddressMask .
cnfTopFlowsDstAddressType .
cnfTopFlowsDstAddress .
cnfTopFlowsDstAddressMask .
cnfTopFlowsNhAddressType .
cnfTopFlowsNhAddress .
cnfTopFlowsMatchSrcAddressType .
ciscoNetflowMIBConform .
cnfMIBCompliances .
cnfMIBGroups .