This MIB provides a method to configure Netflow-lite feature
        and get information in these areas:
                 1. Exporter config information and statistics.
                 2. Sampler config information.
                 3. Monitor config information and statistics.
        The following terms are used throughout this MIB:
                 A flow is defined as a unidirectional sequence of
                 packets between a given source and destination
                 endpoints. Network flows are highly granular;
                 flow endpoints are identified both by IP address as
                 well as by transport layer application port numbers.
                 Netflow also utilizes the IP Protocol type,
                 Type of Service (ToS) and the input interface
                 identifier to uniquely identify flows.
                 Netflow is a network protocol developed by Cisco to
                 run on Cisco equipment for collecting IP traffic flow.
                 With the Netflow feature enabled, Netflow records are
                 generated, then exported in User Datagram Protocol(UDP)
                 or Stream Control Transmission Protocol(SCTP) packets
                 and collected using a Netflow collector.
                 A basic packet sampling Netflow based implementation.
                 A device (for example, a router or a switch) with 
                 Netflow services enabled. The exporter monitors packets
                 entering an observation point and creates flows out
                 of these packets. The information from these flows
                 are exported in the form of Flow Records to
                 the collector.
                 Netflow Version 9 Export format is template based.
                 Version 9 record format consists of a packet header
                 followed by at least one or more template or data
                 FlowSets. A template FlowSet (collection of one or more
                 template) provides a description of the fields that
                 will be present in future data FlowSets. Templates
                 provide an extensible design to the record format,
                 a feature that should allow future enhancements to
                 Netflow services without requiring concurrent changes
                 to the basic flow-record format.

Imported Objects

Layer2Cos, CiscoVrfNameCISCO-TC
InetAddressType, InetAddress, InetPortNumberINET-ADDRESS-MIB
RowStatus, StorageTypeSNMPv2-TC
ciscoNetflowLiteMIB .
ciscoNetflowLiteMIBNotifs .
ciscoNetflowLiteMIBObjects .
cnlExporter .
cnlMaxExporterAllowed .
cnlExporterTable .
cnlExporterEntry .
cnlExporterName .
cnlExportCos .
cnlExportDscp .
cnlExportTemplateTimeout .
cnlExportSamplerTableTimeout .
cnlExportInterfaceTableTimeout .
cnlExportProtocol .
cnlPacketExported .
cnlExporterStorageType .
cnlExporterRowStatus .
cnlExportAddrType .
cnlExportDestinationAddr .
cnlExportDestinationUdpPort .
cnlExportDestinationUdpLoadShare .
cnlExportSourceAddr .
cnlExportSourceUdpPort .
cnlExportVrf .
cnlExportTtl .
cnlSampler .
cnlMaxSamplerAllowed .
cnlSamplerTable .
cnlSamplerEntry .
cnlSamplerName .
cnlSamplerPacketRate .
cnlSamplerPacketSectionSize .
cnlSamplerPacketOffset .
cnlSamplerStorageType .
cnlSamplerRowStatus .
cnlMonitor .
cnlIfMonitorTable .
cnlIfMonitorEntry .
cnlIfMonitorSessionName .
cnlIfMonitorPktsDropped .
cnlIfMonitorStorageType .
cnlIfMonitorRowStatus .
cnlIfMonitorActiveStatus .
cnlIfSamplerName .
cnlIfExporterName .
cnlIfAveragePacketSize .
cnlIfAveragePacketSizeObserved .
cnlIfAveragePacketSizeUsed .
cnlIfMonitorPktsObserved .
cnlIfMonitorPktsExported .
ciscoNetflowLiteMIBConform .
ciscoNetflowLiteMIBCompliances .
ciscoNetflowLiteMIBGroups .