This module defines the textual conventions for
        Cisco Network Admission Control(NAC) system.
        The Cisco Network Admission Control security
        solution offers a systems approach to customers for
        ensuring endpoint device compliancy and vulnerability
        checks prior to production access to the network. Cisco
        refers to these compliancy checks as posture
        validations.  The intent of this systems approach is to
        prevent the spread of works, viruses, and rogue
        applications across the network. This systems approach
        requires integration with third party end point security
        applications, as well as endpoint security servers.
        Terminology used:                
        EOU - Extensible Authentication Protocol over UDP.
        UCT - Un Conditional Transition.
        CTA - Cisco Trust Agent.
        EAP - Extensible Authentication Protocol.  An extension
        to PPP.
        ACS/AAA - Cisco Secure Access Control Server.  The
        primary authorization server that is the network policy
        decision point and is extended to support posture
        NAD - Network Access Device that enforces network
        access control policies through layer 2 or layer 3
        challenge-responses with a network enabled Endpoint

Imported Objects

ciscoNacTcMIB .