An extension to the IETF MIB module defined in
        RFC-2006 for managing Mobile IP implementations.
        Mobile IP introduces the following new functional 
        Mobile Node(MN)
           A host or router that changes its point of
           attachment from one network or subnetwork to 
           another. A mobile node may change its location 
           without changing its IP address; it may continue to
           communicate with other Internet nodes at any
           location using its (constant) IP address, assuming 
           link-layer connectivity to a point of attachment is
        Home Agent(HA)
           A router on a mobile node's home network which 
           tunnels datagrams for delivery to the mobile node 
           when it is away from home, and maintains current 
           location information for the mobile node.
        Foreign Agent(FA)
           A router on a mobile node's visited network which 
           provides routing services to the mobile node while 
           registered. The foreign agent detunnels and delivers 
           datagrams to the mobile node that were tunneled by 
           the mobile node's home agent. For datagrams sent by
           a mobile node, the foreign agent may serve as a 
           default router for registered mobile nodes.
        Mobile Router(MR)
           A mobile node that is a router. It provides for the
           mobility for one or more networks moving together.
           The nodes connected to the network server by the
           mobile router may themselves be fixed nodes, mobile
           nodes or routers.
        Mobile Network
           Network that moves with the mobile router.
        Following is the terminology associated with Mobile IP
        Agent Advertisement
           An advertisement message constructed by attaching a
           special Extension to a router advertisement message.
        Care-of Address (CoA)
           The termination point of a tunnel toward a mobile 
           node, for datagrams forwarded to the mobile node 
           while it is away from home. The protocol can use
           two different types of care-of address: a 'foreign 
           agent care-of address' is an address of a foreign 
           agent with which the mobile node is registered, and
           a 'co-located care-of address' (CCoA) is an
           externally obtained local address which the mobile
           node has associated with one of its own network
        Correspondent Node
           A peer with which a mobile node is communicating.  
           A correspondent node may be either mobile or 
        Foreign Network
           Any network other than the mobile node's Home 
        Home Address
           An IP address that is assigned for an extended 
           period of time to a mobile node. It remains 
           unchanged regardless of where the node is attached 
           to the Internet.
        Home Network
           A network, possibly virtual, having a network prefix
           matching that of a mobile node's home address. Note
           that standard IP routing mechanisms will deliver 
           datagrams destined to a mobile node's Home Address 
           to the mobile node's Home Network.
        Mobility Agent
           Either a home agent or a foreign agent.
        Mobility Binding
           The association of a home address with a care-of 
           address, along with the remaining lifetime of that 
        Mobility Security Association
           A collection of security contexts, between a pair
           of nodes, which may be applied to Mobile IP protocol
           messages exchanged between them. Each context 
           indicates an authentication algorithm and mode, a 
           secret (a shared key, or appropriate public/private
           key pair), and a style of replay protection in use.
           A host or a router.
           A randomly chosen value, different from previous 
           choices, inserted in a message to protect against 
        Security Parameter Index (SPI)
           An index identifying a security context between a 
           pair of nodes among the contexts available in the 
           Mobility Security Association. SPI values 0 through
           255 are reserved and MUST NOT be used in any
           Mobility Security Association.
           The path followed by a datagram while it is 
           encapsulated. The model is that, while it is 
           encapsulated, a datagram is routed to a 
           knowledgeable decapsulating agent, which 
           decapsulates the datagram and then correctly 
           delivers it to its ultimate destination.
        Visited Network
           A network other than a mobile node's Home Network, 
           to which the mobile node is currently connected.
        Visitor List
           The list of mobile nodes visiting a foreign agent.
        Keyed Hashing for Message Authentication (HMAC)
           A mechanism for message authentication using
           cryptographic hash functions. HMAC can be used with
           any iterative cryptographic hash function, e.g.,
           MD5, SHA-1, in combination with a secret shared
        The following support services are defined for 
        Mobile IP:
        Agent Discovery
           Home agents and foreign agents may advertise their
           availability on each link for which they provide 
           service. A newly arrived mobile node can send a 
           solicitation on the link to learn if any prospective 
           agents are present.
           When the mobile node is away from home, it registers
           its care-of address with its home agent. Depending 
           on its method of attachment, the mobile node will 
           register either directly with its home agent, or 
           through a foreign agent which forwards the 
           registration to the home agent.
        Following is the terminology associated with the home
        agent redundancy feature:
        Peer Home Agent
           Active home agent and standby home agent are peers 
           to each other.
        Binding Update  
           A binding update contains the registration request
        information. The home agent sends the update to its 
        peer after accepting a registration.  
        Binding Information
           Binding information contains the entries in the 
        mobility binding table. The home agent sends a binding
        information request to its peer to retrieve all 
        mobility bindings for a specified home agent address.
                3rd Generation Partnership Project 2. This is 
        the standardization group for CDMA2000, the set of 3G
        standards based on earlier 2G CDMA technology.
                Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access,
         Inc. (group promoting IEEE 802.16 wireless broadband 
                Mobile IP
        This MIB is organized as described below:
           The IETF Mobile IP MIB module [RFC-2006] has six
           main groups. Three of them represent the Mobile IP 
           entities i.e. 'MipFA': foreign agent, 'MipHA': 
           home agent and 'MipMN': mobile node. Each of these 
           groups have been further subdivided into different 
           subgroups. Each of these subgroups is a collection 
           of objects related to a particular function, 
           performed by the entity represented by its main 
           group e.g. 'faRegistration' is a subgroup under 
           group 'MipFA' which has collection of objects for 
           registration function within a foreign agent. This 
           MIB also follows the same hierarchical structure to
           maintain the modularity with respect to Mobile IP.

Imported Objects

ifIndex, InterfaceIndex, InterfaceIndexOrZeroIF-MIB
InetAddressType, InetAddress, InetAddressPrefixLengthINET-ADDRESS-MIB
RegistrationFlags, haMobilityBindingEntry, mnRegistrationEntry, faCOAEntry, mnHAEntry, mnState, mnRegCOA, mnRegAgentAddressMIP-MIB
MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, NOTIFICATION-TYPE, Gauge32, Counter32, Integer32, IpAddress, Unsigned32, Counter64SNMPv2-SMI
RowStatus, TimeInterval, TimeStamp, DateAndTime, TruthValue, MacAddress, TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONSNMPv2-TC
ciscoMobileIpMIB .
ciscoMobileIpMIBNotifications .
cmiMrStateChange .
cmiMrCoaChange .
cmiMrNewMA .
cmiHaMnRegReqFailed .
cmiHaMaxBindingsNotif .
ciscoMobileIpMIBObjects .
cmiFa .
cmiFaReg .
cmiFaRegTotalVisitors .
cmiFaReRegRequestsRelayed .
cmiFaReRegRequestsDenied .
cmiFaReRegRequestsDiscarded .
cmiFaReRegRepliesValidFromHA .
cmiFaReRegRepliesValidRelayToMN .
cmiFaDeRegRequestsReceived .
cmiFaDeRegRequestsRelayed .
cmiFaDeRegRequestsDenied .
cmiFaDeRegRequestsDiscarded .
cmiFaDeRegRepliesValidFromHA .
cmiFaRegVisitorTable .
cmiFaRegVisitorEntry .
cmiFaRegVisitorIdentifierType .
cmiFaRegVisitorRegIsAccepted .
cmiFaRegVisitorRegFlagsRev1 .
cmiFaRegVisitorChallengeValue .
cmiFaRegVisitorIdentifier .
cmiFaRegVisitorHomeAddress .
cmiFaRegVisitorHomeAgentAddress .
cmiFaRegVisitorTimeGranted .
cmiFaRegVisitorTimeRemaining .
cmiFaRegVisitorRegFlags deprecated.
cmiFaRegVisitorRegIDLow .
cmiFaRegVisitorRegIDHigh .
cmiFaDeRegRepliesValidRelayToMN .
cmiFaReverseTunnelUnavailable .
cmiFaReverseTunnelBitNotSet .
cmiFaMnTooDistant .
cmiFaDeliveryStyleUnsupported .
cmiFaUnknownChallenge .
cmiFaMissingChallenge .
cmiFaStaleChallenge .
cmiFaCvsesFromMnRejected .
cmiFaCvsesFromHaRejected .
cmiFaInitRegRequestsReceived .
cmiFaNvsesFromMnNeglected .
cmiFaNvsesFromHaNeglected .
cmiFaTotalRegRequests .
cmiFaTotalRegReplies .
cmiFaMnFaAuthFailures .
cmiFaMnAAAAuthFailures .
cmiFaInitRegRequestsRelayed .
cmiFaInitRegRequestsDenied .
cmiFaInitRegRequestsDiscarded .
cmiFaInitRegRepliesValidFromHA .
cmiFaInitRegRepliesValidRelayMN .
cmiFaReRegRequestsReceived .
cmiFaAdvertisement .
cmiFaAdvertConfTable .
cmiFaAdvertConfEntry .
cmiFaAdvertIsBusy .
cmiFaAdvertRegRequired .
cmiFaAdvertChallengeWindow .
cmiFaAdvertChallengeTable .
cmiFaAdvertChallengeEntry .
cmiFaAdvertChallengeIndex .
cmiFaAdvertChallengeValue .
cmiFaSystem .
cmiFaRevTunnelSupported .
cmiFaChallengeSupported .
cmiFaEncapDeliveryStyleSupported .
cmiFaInterfaceTable .
cmiFaInterfaceEntry .
cmiFaReverseTunnelEnable .
cmiFaChallengeEnable .
cmiFaAdvertChallengeChapSPI .
cmiFaCoaTable .
cmiFaCoaEntry .
cmiFaCoaInterfaceOnly .
cmiFaCoaTransmitOnly .
cmiFaCoaRegAsymLink .
cmiHa .
cmiHaReg .
cmiHaRegTotalMobilityBindings .
cmiHaRegDateMaxRegsProcByAAA .
cmiHaRegProcAAAInLastByMinRegs .
cmiHaRegAvgTimeRegsProcByAAA .
cmiHaRegMaxTimeRegsProcByAAA .
cmiHaRegRequestsReceived .
cmiHaRegRequestsDenied .
cmiHaRegRequestsDiscarded .
cmiHaEncapUnavailable .
cmiHaNAICheckFailures .
cmiHaInitRegRequestsReceived .
cmiHaRegMobilityBindingTable .
cmiHaRegMobilityBindingEntry .
cmiHaRegMnIdentifierType .
cmiHaRegMnIdentifier .
cmiHaRegMobilityBindingRegFlags .
cmiHaRegMnIfDescription .
cmiHaRegMnIfBandwidth .
cmiHaRegMnIfID .
cmiHaRegMnIfPathMetricType .
cmiHaRegMobilityBindingMacAddress .
cmiHaInitRegRequestsAccepted .
cmiHaInitRegRequestsDenied .
cmiHaInitRegRequestsDiscarded .
cmiHaReRegRequestsReceived .
cmiHaReRegRequestsAccepted .
cmiHaReRegRequestsDenied .
cmiHaReRegRequestsDiscarded .
cmiHaDeRegRequestsReceived .
cmiHaDeRegRequestsAccepted .
cmiHaDeRegRequestsDenied .
cmiHaRegCounterTable .
cmiHaRegCounterEntry .
cmiHaRegMnIdType .
cmiHaRegMnId .
cmiHaRegServAcceptedRequests .
cmiHaRegServDeniedRequests .
cmiHaRegOverallServTime .
cmiHaRegRecentServAcceptedTime .
cmiHaRegRecentServDeniedTime .
cmiHaRegRecentServDeniedCode .
cmiHaDeRegRequestsDiscarded .
cmiHaReverseTunnelUnavailable .
cmiHaReverseTunnelBitNotSet .
cmiHaEncapsulationUnavailable .
cmiHaCvsesFromMnRejected .
cmiHaCvsesFromFaRejected .
cmiHaNvsesFromMnNeglected .
cmiHaNvsesFromFaNeglected .
cmiHaMnHaAuthFailures .
cmiHaMnAAAAuthFailures .
cmiHaRegTotalProcLocRegs .
cmiHaMaximumBindings .
cmiHaRegIntervalSize .
cmiHaRegIntervalMaxActiveBindings .
cmiHaRegInterval3gpp2MaxActiveBindings .
cmiHaRegIntervalWimaxMaxActiveBindings .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsTable .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsEntry .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsSrcAddrType .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsInBytes .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsInPkts .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsOutBitRate .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsOutPktRate .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsOutBytes .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsOutPkts .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsSrcAddr .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsDestAddrType .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsDestAddr .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsTunnelType .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsNumUsers .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsDataRateInt .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsInBitRate .
cmiHaRegTunnelStatsInPktRate .
cmiHaRegMaxProcLocInMinRegs .
cmiHaRegDateMaxRegsProcLoc .
cmiHaRegProcLocInLastMinRegs .
cmiHaRegTotalProcByAAARegs .
cmiHaRegMaxProcByAAAInMinRegs .
cmiHaRedun .
cmiHaRedunSentBUs .
cmiHaRedunReceivedBIReps .
cmiHaRedunDroppedBIReps .
cmiHaRedunSentBIAcks .
cmiHaRedunReceivedBIReqs .
cmiHaRedunSentBIReps .
cmiHaRedunFailedBIReps .
cmiHaRedunTotalSentBIReps .
cmiHaRedunReceivedBIAcks .
cmiHaRedunDroppedBIAcks .
cmiHaRedunSecViolations .
cmiHaRedunFailedBUs .
cmiHaRedunReceivedBUAcks .
cmiHaRedunTotalSentBUs .
cmiHaRedunReceivedBUs .
cmiHaRedunSentBUAcks .
cmiHaRedunSentBIReqs .
cmiHaRedunFailedBIReqs .
cmiHaRedunTotalSentBIReqs .
cmiHaMobNet .
cmiHaMrTable .
cmiHaMrEntry .
cmiHaMrAddrType .
cmiHaMrAddr .
cmiHaMrDynamic .
cmiHaMrStatus .
cmiHaMrMultiPath .
cmiHaMrMultiPathMetricType .
cmiHaMobNetTable .
cmiHaMobNetEntry .
cmiHaMobNetAddressType .
cmiHaMobNetAddress .
cmiHaMobNetPfxLen .
cmiHaMobNetDynamic .
cmiHaMobNetStatus .
cmiHaSystem .
cmiHaSystemVersion .
cmiSecurity .
cmiSecAssocsCount .
cmiSecAssocTable .
cmiSecAssocEntry .
cmiSecPeerIdentifierType .
cmiSecPeerIdentifier .
cmiSecSPI .
cmiSecAlgorithmType .
cmiSecAlgorithmMode .
cmiSecKey deprecated.
cmiSecReplayMethod .
cmiSecStatus .
cmiSecKey2 .
cmiSecViolationTable .
cmiSecViolationEntry .
cmiSecViolatorIdentifierType .
cmiSecViolatorIdentifier .
cmiSecTotalViolations .
cmiSecRecentViolationSPI .
cmiSecRecentViolationTime .
cmiSecRecentViolationIDLow .
cmiSecRecentViolationIDHigh .
cmiSecRecentViolationReason .
cmiMa .
cmiMaReg .
cmiMaRegMaxInMinuteRegs .
cmiMaRegDateMaxRegsReceived .
cmiMaRegInLastMinuteRegs .
cmiMaAdvertisement .
cmiMaAdvConfigTable .
cmiMaAdvConfigEntry .
cmiMaAdvInterfaceIndex .
cmiMaAdvMaxAdvLifetime .
cmiMaAdvResponseSolicitationOnly .
cmiMaAdvStatus .
cmiMaInterfaceAddressType .
cmiMaInterfaceAddress .
cmiMaAdvMaxRegLifetime .
cmiMaAdvPrefixLengthInclusion .
cmiMaAdvAddressType .
cmiMaAdvAddress .
cmiMaAdvMaxInterval .
cmiMaAdvMinInterval .
cmiMn .
cmiMnDiscovery .
cmiMnRecentAdvReceived .
cmiMnAdvFlags .
cmiMnRegistration .
cmiMnRegistrationTable .
cmiMnRegistrationEntry .
cmiMnRegFlags .
cmiMrSystem .
cmiMrReverseTunnel .
cmiMrTunnelBytesRcvd .
cmiMrTunnelBytesSent .
cmiMrRedStateActive .
cmiMrRedStatePassive .
cmiMrCollocatedTunnel .
cmiMrMultiPath .
cmiMrMultiPathMetricType .
cmiMrRedundancyGroup .
cmiMrMobNetTable .
cmiMrMobNetEntry .
cmiMrMobNetIfIndex .
cmiMrMobNetAddrType .
cmiMrMobNetAddr .
cmiMrMobNetPfxLen .
cmiMrMobNetStatus .
cmiMrHaTunnelIfIndex .
cmiMrHATable .
cmiMrHAEntry .
cmiMrHAPriority .
cmiMrHABest .
cmiMrIfTable .
cmiMrIfEntry .
cmiMrIfIndex .
cmiMrIfSolicitRetransCurrent .
cmiMrIfSolicitRetransRemaining .
cmiMrIfSolicitRetransCount .
cmiMrIfCCoaAddressType .
cmiMrIfCCoaAddress .
cmiMrIfCCoaDefaultGwType .
cmiMrIfCCoaDefaultGw .
cmiMrIfCCoaRegRetry .
cmiMrIfCCoaRegRetryRemaining .
cmiMrIfStatus .
cmiMRIfDescription .
cmiMrIfCCoaRegistration .
cmiMrIfCCoaOnly .
cmiMrIfCCoaEnable .
cmiMrIfRoamStatus .
cmiMrIfRegisteredCoAType .
cmiMrIfRegisteredCoA .
cmiMrIfRegisteredMaAddrType .
cmiMrIfRegisteredMaAddr .
cmiMrIfHaTunnelIfIndex .
cmiMrIfID .
cmiMrIfHoldDown .
cmiMrIfRoamPriority .
cmiMrIfSolicitPeriodic .
cmiMrIfSolicitInterval .
cmiMrIfSolicitRetransInitial .
cmiMrIfSolicitRetransMax .
cmiMrIfSolicitRetransLimit .
cmiMrBetterIfDetected .
cmiMrTunnelPktsRcvd .
cmiMrTunnelPktsSent .
cmiMrDiscovery .
cmiMrMaAdvTable .
cmiMrMaAdvEntry .
cmiMrMaAddressType .
cmiMrMaAdvLifetimeRemaining .
cmiMrMaAdvTimeReceived .
cmiMrMaAdvTimeFirstHeard .
cmiMrMaHoldDownRemaining .
cmiMrMaAddress .
cmiMrMaIsHa .
cmiMrMaAdvRcvIf .
cmiMrMaIfMacAddress .
cmiMrMaAdvSequence .
cmiMrMaAdvFlags .
cmiMrMaAdvMaxRegLifetime .
cmiMrMaAdvMaxLifetime .
cmiMrRegistration .
cmiMrRegExtendExpire .
cmiMrRegExtendRetry .
cmiMrRegExtendInterval .
cmiMrRegLifetime .
cmiMrRegRetransInitial .
cmiMrRegRetransMax .
cmiMrRegRetransLimit .
cmiMrRegNewHa .
cmiTrapObjects .
cmiTrapControl .
cmiNtRegDeniedCode .
cmiNtRegCOAType .
cmiNtRegCOA .
cmiNtRegHAAddrType .
cmiNtRegHomeAgent .
cmiNtRegHomeAddressType .
cmiNtRegHomeAddress .
cmiNtRegNAI .
ciscoMobileIpMIBConformance .
ciscoMobileIpCompliances .
ciscoMobileIpGroups .