The MIB module which describes the features
        supported in MGX82XX products.
        This MIB Module provides the features supported
        in Controller Cards in MGX8250 and MGX8220.
        Terminologies used:
        PXM : Processor Switch Module. This is controller
              card in MGX8250.
        ASC : AXIS Shelf Controller. This is controller
              card in MGX8220.
        VSI : Virtual Switch Interface, a hardware-independent 
              switch control protocol. This allows a Switch to be
              controlled by a multiple controllers such as PNNI, MPLS.
              These control planes can be internal or external to the
              switch.The VSI interface defines the messages and associated
              functions which allow communication between the controller
              and the switch.This interface is expected to support all
              types of connections (voice,data,frame relay,ATM) for PVCs,
              SPVCs and SVCs.
         Controller - Software ( and possibly hardware) which manages
                      topology and network resources and performs VSI 
                      Master function. This performs source routing 
                      for end-to-end SVCs, including general call 
                      acceptance GCAC,setup calls with other controllers.
                      PNNI and MPLS are examples of controllers.

Imported Objects

pxmFeatures .
vsiControllersAllowed .
apsCardAttributes .
trkCACEnable .
pxmCardCacMode .
coreCardCommands .
switchCoreCard .
ascFeatures .
redundancyAllowed .
ciscoMgx82xxCardFeatureMIB .
cmCardFeatureMIBConformance .
cmCardFeatureMIBGroups .
cmCardFeatureMIBCompliances .