This MIB module defines objects that describe the quality
metrics of Media streams.


Flow Monitor - a hardware or software entity that classifies
    traffic flows, collects flow data, and periodically
    computes flow metrics.

Flow Metric - a measurement that reflects the quality of a
    traffic flow.

Measurement Interval - the length of time over which a flow
    monitor collects data related to a traffic flow, after
    which the flow monitor computes flow metrics using the 
    collected data.

Traffic Flow - a unidirectional stream of packets conforming to
    a classifier.  For example, packets having a particular 
    source IP address, destination IP address, protocol type,
    source port number, and destination port number.

Traffic Flow Stream - when the monitor identifies multiple
    individual traffic flows based on the flow classificiation,
    the monitor aggregates the flows and represents them as a 
    single entry in the cfmFlowTable.  The individual traffic
    flows contributing to the metrics are called as individual
    traffic flow stream. The metrics for the traffic flow with
    multiple streams contributing, are determined either by 
    aggregating metrics of all individual streams, for example,
    cumulative bit rate is computed by cumulative bits of all 
    streams divided by total duration, or by selecting the 
    metric for one of the individual stream, for example,
    maximum bit rate of an individual stream.

Imported Objects

cfmFlowMonitorId, cfmFlowId, cfmFlowMetricsIntNumberCISCO-FLOW-MONITOR-MIB
ciscoMediaMetricsMIBNotifs .
ciscoMediaMetricsMIBObjects .
cfmMediaMetrics .
cfmMediaMetricsTable .
cfmMediaMetricsEntry .
cfmMediaMetricsValid .
cfmMediaMetricsStreamBitRateMax .
cfmMediaMetricsStreamBitRateMinUnits .
cfmMediaMetricsStreamBitRateMin .
cfmMediaMetricsPkts .
cfmMediaMetricsOctets .
cfmMediaMetricsBitRateUnits .
cfmMediaMetricsBitRate .
cfmMediaMetricsPktRate .
cfmMediaMetricsStreamBitRateUnits .
cfmMediaMetricsStreamBitRate .
cfmMediaMetricsStreamBitRateMaxUnits .
cfmMediaMetricsTableChanged .
cfmMediaMetricsIntTable .
cfmMediaMetricsIntEntry .
cfmMediaMetricsIntValid .
cfmMediaMetricsIntStreamBitRateMax .
cfmMediaMetricsIntStreamBitRateMinUnits .
cfmMediaMetricsIntStreamBitRateMin .
cfmMediaMetricsIntPkts .
cfmMediaMetricsIntOctets .
cfmMediaMetricsIntBitRateUnits .
cfmMediaMetricsIntBitRate .
cfmMediaMetricsIntPktRate .
cfmMediaMetricsIntStreamBitRateUnits .
cfmMediaMetricsIntStreamBitRate .
cfmMediaMetricsIntStreamBitRateMaxUnits .
ciscoMediaMetricsMIBConform .
ciscoMediaMetricsMIBCompliances .
ciscoMediaMetricsMIBGroups .
ciscoMediaMetricsMIBIds .