This MIB is intended to be implemented on all those  
        devices operating as Central Controllers (CC) that
        terminate the Light Weight Access Point Protocol 
        tunnel from Light-weight LWAPP Access Points. 
        This MIB provides configuration and status information 
        about the OPENDNS on the controller.
        Particularly this mib covers the OPENDNS for the wireless
        OpenDNS provides cloud based security service by inspecting 
        DNS query. 
        It can filter the fully qualified domain name(FQDN) from 
        the DNS query and provide customized policy for the 
        security administrator to allow or deny traffic towards 
        the FQDN. 
        ISR4K platform can act as a DNS forwarder on network 
        edge, the router can transparently intercept the DNS 
        traffic and forward DNS queries to the OpenDNS cloud.
        Access Point ( AP )
        An entity that contains an 802.11 medium access
        control ( MAC ) and physical layer ( PHY ) interface
        and provides access to the distribution services via
        the wireless medium for associated clients.  
        LWAPP APs encapsulate all the 802.11 frames in
        LWAPP frames and sends it to the controller to which
        it is logically connected to.
        Central Controller ( CC )
        The central entity that terminates the LWAPP protocol
        tunnel from the LWAPP APs.  Throughout this MIB,
        this entity also referred to as 'controller'.
        Light Weight Access Point Protocol ( LWAPP ) 
        This is a generic protocol that defines the
        communication between the Access Points and the

Imported Objects

TruthValue, RowStatusSNMPv2-TC
ciscoLwappOpendnsMIB .
ciscoLwappOpendnsMIBNotifs .
ciscoLwappOpendnsMIBObjects .
ciscoLwappOpendnsTag .
claOpendnsProfileTable .
claOpendnsProfileEntry .
claOpendnsProfileName .
claOpendnsProfileRowStatus .
claOpendnsProfileStatus .
claOpendnsProfileIdentity .
claOpendnsWlanTable .
claOpendnsWlanEntry .
claOpendnsWlanProfileName .
claOpendnsWlanMode .
claOpendnsWlanProfileStatus .
claOpendnsWlanDhcpOpt6 .
ciscoLwappOpendnsConfig .
claOpendnsEnable .
claOpendnsForceEnable .
claOpendnsApiToken .
ciscoLwappOpendnsMIBConform .
ciscoLwappOpendnsMIBCompliances .
ciscoLwappOpendnsMIBGroups .