The MIB module for Local Packet Transport Services(LPTS)
related information like the flows and the policer 
values related to various flows present in the system.

The number of packets coming into the system is controlled
by the policer values associated with the protocol. Each
protocol is classified into different flows and a rate 
limit is associated with the flows. Policer is a numerical 
value controlling the number of packets entering the box.

The flows represent individual, specific protocols.
Flow types also represent the degree of trust for a given 
packet. Ex: BGP packets coming from established session is 
assigned one flow, packets from configured BGP peer are
assigned different flow . Other BGP packets are assigned 
a third flow.

LPTS		- Local Packet Transport Services.
			  It is a  network infrastructure
			  subsystem that provides a common
			  facility for transport of packets 
			  which are destined towards the router
			  (for-us packets), to the exact 
			  applications. In addtion 
			  to that, it also 
			  provides policing of for-us packets  
FlowType	- Represents individual, specific protocols.
			  Flow also represents the degree of trust
			  for a given packet.
LC			- Line Cards.
Policer     - Index to FlowType.
CurrentRate	- Number of packets allowed
			  into the box in PPS (Packets Per Second).
Type 		- Defines the scope of the flow applicable at
			  a specific node or Line card.
Precedence  - Precedence is the selection mechanism for 
			  a specific Type if more than one Type is 
			  configured for the same flow. 'local'
			  FlowType has higher precedence over 'global'
			  and 'static' FlowTypes. 'global' FlowType has
			  higher precedence over 'static' FlowType.
nodeID		- The line card for which the flow configuration 
			  is made.

Imported Objects

ciscoLptsMIBNotifs .
ciscoLptsMIBObjects .
clGlobalFlowTable .
clGlobalFlowEntry .
clGlobalFlowIndex .
clGlobalFlowType .
clGlobalType .
clGlobalCurrentRate .
clLocalFlowTable .
clLocalFlowEntry .
clLocalNodeID .
clLocalType .
clLocalCurrentRate .
clLocalAccepted .
clLocalDropped .
clLocalTosValue .
ciscoLptsMIBConform .
ciscoLptsMIBCompliances .
ciscoLptsMIBGroups .