Cisco LiveData is the next generation reporting product for
        Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (CCE).  Cisco
        LiveData provides a horizontally scalable, highly available
        architecture to support systems with large numbers of
        reporting users.  LiveData enables fast refresh rates on
        real-time data (3 seconds or less).  A LiveData node consumes
        real-time data streams from one or more sources, processes
        the data and publishes the resulting data to solution
        consumers.  Consumers may be database management systems,
        applications or reporting engines.
        Cisco LiveData aggregates and publishes real-time data and
        metrics pushed to it (e.g. from the CCE router and/or
        peripheral gateway components) to a message bus; Cisco
        Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) and the CCE Administrator
        Workstation (AW) subscribe to this message bus to receive
        real-time data updates.  CUIC users then build reports using
        this real-time data; other CCE clients may also query this
        real-time data from the CCE AW database.
        A LiveData cluster consists of one or more nodes; one is
        designated as the master with additional worker nodes as
        needed.  A LiveData cluster may have a remote peer cluster
        that works cooperatively in a fault-tolerant model.  LiveData
        cluster peers communicate with one another to negotiate who
        is the 'active' cluster and who is on 'standby' (only one
        cluster will be active at a time).  If the active cluster
        fails, the standby cluster will transition to active and
        begin consuming the data streams previously consumed by the
        peer cluster.
        In small deployments, a LiveData cluster will be collocated
        with CUIC in the same server virtual machine; in larger
        deployments, a LiveData cluster may include several nodes
        that may or may not be collocated with CUIC.
        A single node in a LiveData cluster will have multiple
        services running in the guest virtual machine that are
        critical to the successful function of that node.  Services
        may be distributed across the nodes of a cluster to balance
        the workload.  Each node will establish and maintain
        connections to data sources in the solution.
        CISCO-LIVEDATA-MIB defines instrumentation unique to the
        LiveData servers (virtual machines). The instrumentation
        includes objects of:
            1) a general nature - attributes of the device and
            2) cluster status* and identity,
            3) service status and identity and
            4) connection status and attributes (including metrics).
            5) events
        * It is important to note that cluster status is shared
        across all nodes of a cluster; cluster status is not
        device-specific unless there is only one node in the cluster.
        The MIB also defines a single notification type; all nodes in
        all clusters may emit notifications.
        Service and connection instrumentation is exposed as tables.
        The number of entries within each table may change over time,
        adapting to changes within the cluster. 
        AW         Administrator Workstation component of a Cisco
                   Unified Contact Center Enterprise deployment.  The
                   AW collects and serves real-time and configuration
                   data to the CCE solution.
        CCE        (Cisco Unified) Contact Center Enterprise; CCE
                   delivers intelligent contact routing, call
                   treatment, network-to-desktop computer telephony
                   integration, and multichannel contact management
                   over an IP infrastructure.
        CUIC       Cisco Unified Intelligence Center; CUIC is a web-
                   based reporting application that provides real-
                   time and historical reporting in an easy-to-use,
                   wizard-based application for Cisco Contact Center
        UCCE       Unified Contact Center Enterprise; see 'CCE'.

Imported Objects

ciscoLivedataMIB .
ciscoLivedataMIBNotifs .
cldEventNotif .
ciscoLivedataMIBObjects .
cldGeneral .
cldServerName .
cldDescription .
cldVersion .
cldStartTime .
cldTimeZoneName .
cldTimeZoneOffset .
cldEventNotifEnable .
cldCluster .
cldClusterID .
cldClusterStatus .
cldClusterAddress .
cldServices .
cldServiceTable .
cldServiceEntry .
cldServiceIndex .
cldServiceName .
cldServiceState .
cldServiceUpTime .
cldReportingConnections .
cldReportingConnectionTable .
cldReportingConnectionEntry .
cldRptConnIndex .
cldRptConnMessagesDiscarded .
cldRptConnDSCP .
cldRptConnServerID .
cldRptConnServerAddress .
cldRptConnState .
cldRptConnStateTime .
cldRptConnEventRate .
cldRptConnHeartbeatRTT .
cldRptConnSocketConnects .
cldRptConnSocketDisconnects .
cldEvents .
cldEventTable .
cldEventEntry .
cldEventIndex .
cldEventID .
cldEventAppName .
cldEventName .
cldEventState .
cldEventSeverity .
cldEventTimestamp .
cldEventText .
ciscoLivedataMIBConform .
ciscoLivedataMIBCompliances .
ciscoLivedataMIBGroups .