MIB to provide the information about the disjoint 
        IP networks connected to the various gigabit ethernet
        interfaces in the 'Fabric' and objects to discover 
        the same.
        It is possible that multiple disjoint IP networks
        may terminate on a single fibre channel switch
        in a Fabric.
        In such a scenario, the iSNS Server has to ensure that 
        the targets returned on a query by iscsi devices are 
        filter based on access control list (specified by the
        user during configuration) and also based on gigabit 
        ethernet ports which are reachable to the IP network, 
        on which the iscsi device is present.
        To achieve the above objective, the iSNS server 
        partitions all known gigabit ethernet ports into 
        disjoint sets based on IP reachability by sending 
        discovery packets. Each set is referred to as an 
        IP Network and the gigabit ethernet ports contained
        therein are referred to as IP Network members. 
        This MIB provides ability to initiate, configure and 
        show discovery results of the IP Networks in 
        the fabric.
        Fabric - The set of physically connected fibre channel 
        WWN    - World Wide Name.
        ISNS   - Internet Storage Name Service.

Imported Objects

InterfaceIndex, InterfaceIndexOrZeroIF-MIB
TruthValue, TestAndIncr, RowStatusSNMPv2-TC
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoveryMIB .
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoveryMIBNotifs .
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoveryMIBObjs .
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoveryMIBInfo .
ciscoIsnsIpNetAutomaticDiscovery .
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoveryInterval .
ciscoIsnsIpNetTable .
ciscoIsnsIpNetEntry .
ciscoIsnsIpNetName .
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoveryMechanism .
ciscoIsnsIpNetRowStatus .
ciscoIsnsIpNetInterfaceTable .
ciscoIsnsIpNetInterfaceEntry .
ciscoIsnsGigEPortDeviceName .
ciscoIsnsGigEPortIfIndex .
ciscoIsnsIpNetInterfaceRowStatus .
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoveryMIBConfig .
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoverySpinLock .
ciscoIsnsIpNetToDiscover .
ciscoIsnsGigEInterfaceToDiscover .
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoveryCommand .
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoveryCmdStatus .
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoveryConform .
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoverCompliance .
ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoveryMIBGroups .