This MIB module defines objects that describe the a set of
        metrics used to measure the quality of a IP CBR traffic flow. An
        IP CBR traffic flow consists of a stream of IP datagrams sent
        from one application to another with a constant packet rate or
        bit rate.
        CBR - Constant Bit Rate.
        Delay Factor - the maximum observed value of the flow rate
            imbalance over a measurement interval.
        DF - Delay Factor.
        Flow Monitor - a hardware or software entity that classifies
            traffic flows, collects flow data, and periodically
            computes flow metrics.
        Flow Metric - a measurement that reflects the quality of a
            traffic flow.
        Measurement Interval - the length of time over which a flow
            monitor collects data related to a traffic flow, after which
            the flow monitor computes flow metrics using the collected
        Media Rate - the effective bit rate of the media content
            carried by a traffic flow.
        Media Rate Variation - a measure of loss (in bytes):
                   RT - sum [Si]
            MRV = ---------------
            where R is the nominal media rate, T is the measurement
            interval, Si is the size of packet[i] received during the
            measurement interval, and N is the number of media packets
            received during the measurement interval.
        MR - Media Rate.
        MRV - Media Rate Variation.
        Traffic Flow - a unidirectional stream of packets conforming to
            a classifier.  For example, packets having a particular 
            source IP address, destination IP address, protocol type,
            source port number, and destination port number.
        VB - Virtual Buffer.
        Virtual Buffer - a virtual buffer is a construct used to
            simulate a real buffer used by a media application for the
            purpose of storing media packets until the the application
            can render their content.

Imported Objects

cfmFlowMonitorId, cfmFlowId, cfmFlowMetricsIntNumberCISCO-FLOW-MONITOR-MIB
FlowCfgRateType, FlowBitRateUnits, FlowMetricScale, FlowMetricPrecision, FlowMetricValueCISCO-FLOW-MONITOR-TC-MIB
ciscoIpCbrMetricsMIB .
ciscoIpCbrMetricsMIBNotifs .
ciscoIpCbrMetricsMIBObjects .
cfmIpCbrMetrics .
cfmIpCbrMetricsTable .
cfmIpCbrMetricsEntry .
cfmIpCbrMetricsCfgRateType .
cfmIpCbrMetricsCfgBitRate .
cfmIpCbrMetricsCfgRate .
cfmIpCbrMetricsCfgMediaPktSize .
cfmIpCbrMetricsValid .
cfmIpCbrMetricsLostPkts .
cfmIpCbrMetricsMrvScale .
cfmIpCbrMetricsMrvPrecision .
cfmIpCbrMetricsMrv .
cfmIpCbrMetricsTableChanged .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntTable .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntEntry .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntValid .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntMrvScale .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntMrvPrecision .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntMrv .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntLostPkts .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntVbMin .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntVbMax .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntMrUnits .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntMr .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntDfScale .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntDfPrecision .
cfmIpCbrMetricsIntDf .
ciscoIpCbrMetricsMIBConform .
ciscoIpCbrMetricsMIBCompliances .
ciscoIpCbrMetricsMIBGroups .
ciscoIpCbrMetricsMIBIds .
cfmIpCbrMonitoredElements .
cfmeIpCbrCumulativeLostPkts .
cfmeIpCbrCumulativeMrv .
cfmeIpCbrLostPkts .
cfmeIpCbrDf .
cfmeIpCbrMrv .