This mib provides, objects to upgrade images on modules in the
system, objects showing the status of the upgrade operation,
and objects showing the type of images that could be run in the
system. For example the modules could be Controller card, Line
card .. etc.

The system fills up the ciuImageVariableTable with the type of
images the system can support. For performing an upgrade 
operation a management application must first read this table
and use this info in other tables, as explained below.
The ciuImageURITable table is also filled by the system and 
provides the image name presently running for each type of
image in the system. The user is allowed to configure a new
image name for each image type as listed in 
ciuImageVariableTable. The system would use this image on the
particular module on the next reboot. 

The management application on deciding to do an upgrade 
operation must first check if an upgrade operation is already
in progress in the system. This is done by reading the 
ciuUpgradeOpCommand and if it contains 'none', signifies that
no other upgrade operation is in progress. Any other value,
signifies that upgrade is in progress and a new upgrade 
operation is not allowed. To start an 'install' operation, 
first the user must perform a 'check' operation to do the 
version compatibility for the given set of image files
(provided using the ciuImageLocInputTable) against the 
current system configuration. Only if the result of this 
operation is 'success' can the user proceed to do an install
operation.  The tables, ciuVersionCompChkTable, 
ciuUpgradeImageVersionTable, ciuUpgradeOpStatusTable,
provide the result of the 'check' or 'install' operation
performed using ciuUpgradeOpCommand. These tables are in
addition to objects ciuUpgradeOpStatus, 
ciuUpgradeOpTimeStarted, ciuUpgradeOpTimeCompleted, 
ciuUpgradeOpStatusReason. The ciuUpgradeOpStatus object 
provides the status of the selected upgrade operation. 

An option is available for user to upgrade only some modules,
provided using ciuUpgradeTargetTable. If this table is empty
than an upgrade operation would be performed on all the 
modules in the system.

Imported Objects

TruthValue, TimeStamp, RowStatus, TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONSNMPv2-TC
ciscoImageUpgradeMIBNotifs .
ciuUpgradeOpCompletionNotify .
ciuUpgradeJobStatusNotify .
ciscoImageUpgradeMIBObjects .
ciscoImageUpgradeConfig .
ciuTotalImageVariables .
ciscoImageUpgradeMisc .
ciuUpgradeMiscAutoCopy .
ciuUpgradeMiscInfoTable .
ciuUpgradeMiscInfoEntry .
ciuUpgradeMiscInfoIndex .
ciuUpgradeMiscInfoModule .
ciuUpgradeMiscInfoDescr .
ciuImageVariableTable .
ciuImageVariableEntry .
ciuImageVariableName .
ciuImageURITable .
ciuImageURIEntry .
ciuImageURI .
ciscoImageUpgradeOp .
ciuUpgradeOpCommand .
ciuUpgradeOpLastStatusReason .
ciuUpgradeJobStatusNotifyOnCompletion .
ciuUpgradeOpStatus .
ciuUpgradeOpNotifyOnCompletion .
ciuUpgradeOpTimeStarted .
ciuUpgradeOpTimeCompleted .
ciuUpgradeOpAbort .
ciuUpgradeOpStatusReason .
ciuUpgradeOpLastCommand .
ciuUpgradeOpLastStatus .
ciuUpgradeTargetTable .
ciuUpgradeTargetEntry .
ciuUpgradeTargetAction .
ciuUpgradeTargetEntryStatus .
ciuImageLocInputTable .
ciuImageLocInputEntry .
ciuImageLocInputURI .
ciuImageLocInputEntryStatus .
ciuVersionCompChkTable .
ciuVersionCompChkEntry .
ciuVersionCompImageSame .
ciuVersionCompUpgradable .
ciuVersionCompUpgradeAction .
ciuVersionCompUpgradeBios .
ciuVersionCompUpgradeBootrom .
ciuVersionCompUpgradeLoader .
ciuVersionCompUpgradeImpact .
ciuVersionCompUpgradeReason .
ciuUpgradeImageVersionTable .
ciuUpgradeImageVersionEntry .
ciuUpgradeImageVersionIndex .
ciuUpgradeImageVersionVarName .
ciuUpgradeImageVersionRunning .
ciuUpgradeImageVersionNew .
ciuUpgradeImageVersionUpgReqd .
ciuUpgradeOpStatusTable .
ciuUpgradeOpStatusEntry .
ciuUpgradeOpStatusOperIndex .
ciuUpgradeOpStatusOperation .
ciuUpgradeOpStatusModule .
ciuUpgradeOpStatusSrcImageLoc .
ciuUpgradeOpStatusDestImageLoc .
ciuUpgradeOpStatusJobStatus .
ciuUpgradeOpStatusPercentCompl .
ciuUpgradeOpStatusJobStatusReas .
ciscoImageUpgradeMIBConform .
ciuImageUpgradeCompliances .
ciuImageUpgradeGroups .