A MIB module for extending the IEEE8021-CFM-MIB
and IEEE8021-CFM-V2-MIB to add objects which provide
additional information about Connectivity Fault
management(CFM) not available in IEEE8021-CFM-MIB and

Connectivity Fault Management (CFM):
    Connectivity Fault Management comprises capabilities for
    detecting, verifying, and isolating connectivity failures
    in Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks.

Maintenance Domain (MD):
    The network or the part of the network for which
    faults in connectivity can be managed.

Service Access Point (SAP): The point at which a service is

Domain Service Access Point (DoSAP): A member of a set of SAPs
    at which a Maintenance Domain is capable of offering
    connectivity to systems outside the Maintenance Domain.

Intermediate Service Access Points (ISAP): A SAP, interior
    to a Maintenance Domain, through which frames can pass
    in transit from DoSAP to DoSAP.

Maintenance association End Point (MEP):
    An actively managed CFM entity, associated with a
    specific domain service access point of a service
    instance, which can generate and receive CFM PDUs and
    track any responses.

Maintenance Association (MA):
    A set of MEPs, each configured with the same MAID and
    MD Level, established to verify the integrity of a
    single service instance.

Maintenance domain Intermediate Point (MIP):
    A CFM entity consisting of two MHFs. A MHF is a CFM entity,
    associated with a single Maintenance Domain, and thus
    with a single MD Level and a set of VIDs, that cannot
    generate CFM PDUs, but only in response to received
    CFM PDUs.

Continuity Check Message (CCM):
    A multicast CFM PDU transmitted periodically by a MEP in
    order to ensure continuity over the MA to which the
    transmitting MEP belongs. No reply is sent by any MP
    in response to receiving a CCM.

Continuity Check Initiator (CCI):
    A state machine. Once it starts, CCMs will be generated.

Linktrace Message (LTM):
    A CFM PDU initiated by a MEP to trace a path to a
    target MAC address, forwarded from MIP to MIP, up to the
    point at which the LTM reaches its target, a MEP, or can
    no longer be forwarded.

Linktrace Reply (LTR): A unicast CFM PDU sent by an MP to a
    MEP, in response to receiving an LTM from that MEP.

Content Addressable memory (CAM): The CAM table is consulted
    to make the frame forwarding decision. On Ethernet networks
    that transmit IP, switches learn MAC addresses from the
    source address of ethernet frames on the interfaces.

Imported Objects

dot1agCfmMdIndex, dot1agCfmMaIndex, Dot1agCfmMpDirectionIEEE8021-CFM-MIB
TruthValue, RowStatus, StorageType, MacAddressSNMPv2-TC
cIeeeCfmExtMIBNotifs .
cIeeeCfmExtMIBObjects .
ciceCfmGlobal .
ciceCfmEnable .
ciceCfmMaxMdLevel .
ciceCfmBrainAddress .
ciceCfmCcMulticastAddress .
ciceCfmLtmMulticastAddress .
ciceCfmEnableFaultAlarm .
ciceCfmLtr .
ciceCfmLtrEnable .
ciceCfmLtrHoldTime .
ciceCfmLtrSize .
ciceCfmMa .
ciceCfmMaNetTable .
ciceCfmMaNetEntry .
ciceCfmMaNetCciEnable .
ciceCfmMaNetCciDirection .
ciceCfmMaNetLossThreshold .
ciceCfmIfObjects .
ciceCfmInterfaceTable .
ciceCfmInterfaceEntry .
ciceCfmIfIndex .
ciceCfmIfState .
ciceCfmMipTable .
ciceCfmMipEntry .
ciceCfmMipVlanIndex .
ciceCfmMipMdLevel .
ciceCfmMipStorageType .
ciceCfmMipRowStatus .
ciceCfmMacEnableIfTable .
ciceCfmMacEnableIfEntry .
ciceCfmMacEnableVlanIndex .
ciceCfmMacEnableStorageType .
ciceCfmMacEnableRowStatus .
ciceCfmMep .
cIeeeCfmExtMIBConformance .
ciceCfmMIBCompliances .
ciceCfmMIBGroups .