This MIB module defines objects that are used to 
        manage GTP Director Module.
        In the GPRS network, the APN is the identifier that 
        specifies where the user is connecting. The APN 
        identifies whether the network is a corporate network 
        or a service provider network.  The APN comprises of 
        two parts, the network id and the operator id.
        The Single Access point feature enables the 
        service provider to add new access-points to the GGSN 
        without having to provision the HLR. The requests are 
        sent by the SGSN to the same virtual APN. A virtual 
        APN is not associated with any actual physical 
        network.  The GGSN processes the request and forwards 
        the packet to the appropriate access-point that is 
        specified in the PCO. The Single APN feature is 
        supported only in Cisco GGSNs.
        The purpose of the GTP-Director is to provide a 
        mechanism for service providers using non-Cisco GGSN 
        to use the Single APN feature. This would enable the 
        service providers to add access-point to the network 
        without having to provision the HLR. This will be 
        transparent to the SGSN. The mobile user initiates 
        a connection request to the SGSN. The access-point 
        name specified in the request is the virtual APN. 
        The GTP-Director would resolve the access-point name 
        and forward the request to the appropriate 
        GGSN (real GGSN).
        +==+  +===+  +====+   ====   +===+  +====+     +===+
        +==+  +===+  +====+   ====   +===+  +====+     +===+
                                     | |
                                     | |   +====+    
                                     | |___|GGSN|------Gi
                                     |     +====+       |
                                     |                  |
                                     |     +====+     +===+
                                           +====+     +===+
        The GTP-Director also provides load balancing across 
        GGSNs. The GTP-Director uses the round-robin 
        mechanism for providing load balancing.  The 
        Cisco GGSNs may use the GTP-Director, but is not 
        necessary as they can use IOS-SLB ( Server Load 
        Balancing ).
        Acronyms and terms:
        APN    Access Point Name
        BSS    Base Staion Subsystem
        GDM    GTP Director Module
        GGSN   Gateway GPRS Support Node
        Gi     Reference point between GPRS and an external
               packet data network
        GPRS   General Packet Radio Service
        HLR    Home Location Register
        NMS    Network Management System
        PCO    Protocol Configuration Options
        PDN    Packet Data Network
        PDP    Packet Data Protocol
        PLMN   Public Land Mobile Network
        MS     Mobile Station 
        SGSN   Serving GPRS Support Node
        TID    Tunnel Identifier

Imported Objects

ciscoGtpDirectorMIB .
ciscoGtpDirectorMIBObjects .
cgdConfigurations .
cgdCreatePdpRequestInfoSaveTimer .
cgdStatus .
cgdPendingPdps .
cgdStatistics .
cgdCreatePdpRequestFwded .
cgdTotalCreatePdpRequestFwded .
cgdCreateRequestRejected .
cgdTotalUnsupportedMessages .
cgdPdpRequestDropped .
cgdNotifMgmt .
cgdNotifEnable .
cgdNotifType .
ciscoGtpDirectorNotifPrefix .
ciscoGtpDirectorNotifications .
ciscoGtpDirectorNotification .
ciscoGtpDirectorMIBConformance .
ciscoGtpDirectorMIBCompliances .
ciscoGtpDirectorMIBGroups .