This MIB module defines Textual Conventions and
        OBJECT-IDENTITIES for use in documents defining
        management information base (MIBs) modules for managing
        CISCO-GSLB-HEALTH-MON-MIB (These MIB modules are used
        for a Global Server Load Balancing device(GSLB)).
        Acronyms and their description:
        CRA       : Content Routing Agent - software that provides
                    information to a GSLB device for content 
                    routing decisions and handles content routing
                    requests from the GSLB device.
        D-Proxy   : It is a local name server of the client which
                    has initiated a DNS query for a domain.
        VIP       : Virtual IP Addresses - they are used by server
                    load balancing devices to represent content
                    hosted on one or more servers under their
                    control.  The use of VIPs is to route content
                    to the proper requesting host without exposing
                    the device's internal IP address.
        Keepalive : A keepalive is an interaction between GSLB
                    device and another device using a commonly
                    supported protocol.  It is used to periodically
                    check if a resource is still active.
        DNS race  : It is a method of resolving the proximity of
                    the CRAs from the D-Proxy.  In this method the
                    GSLB device sends a request to all the CRAs
                    directing them to respond to the D-Proxy at
                    at the same time.  The first response received
                    by the D-proxy is, by default, considered to
                    be the most proximate.

Imported Objects

ciscoGslbTcMIB .