There are two types of features in the system:

- Regular features
- Optional features

The Regular features may or may not need to support
the user triggerd control (enabling/disabling). In
case the regular features need to  support such 
control, they need to be instrumented in their 
respective MIBs.

The Optional features can be controlled (enabled/
disabled) by the user via CLI/SNMP. The optional
features are generally disabled by default. As part
of the enabling of such optional feature, the first
mandatory step is to explicitly enable the feature
using the CLI/SNMP. Following this mandatory step, 
a feature may require additional feature specific
enabling steps similar to the regular features.
In addition to the user triggered control, other 
system specific conditions like licensing may
influence the operating state of such optional 

This MIB module is to facilitate the global level 
control (enabling/disabling) over the optional 
features in the system. The disabling of such 
optional feature using this MIB module would make
the feature disabled and the entire feature specific
mib objects also unavailable.

Glossary of the terms used in this MIB:

VSAN - Virtual Storage Area Network, similar to 
       a VLAN.

WWN  - World Wide Name. Mechanism of identifying
       devices in Fibre Channel Networks. It is
       8 bytes long.

AAA - Authentication, Authorization and Accounting

FLOGI - Fibre Channel fabric login

MDS -  Multilayer Director Switch

Imported Objects

ciscoFeatureCtrlMIBNotifs .
ciscoFeatureOpStatusChange deprecated.
ciscoFeatOpStatusChange .
ciscoFeatureSetOpStatusChange .
ciscoFeatureCtrlMIBObjects .
cfcFeature .
cfcFeatureCtrlTable deprecated.
cfcFeatureCtrlEntry deprecated.
cfcFeatureCtrlIndex deprecated.
cfcFeatureCtrlName deprecated.
cfcFeatureCtrlAction deprecated.
cfcFeatureCtrlLastAction deprecated.
cfcFeatureCtrlLastActionResult deprecated.
cfcFeatureCtrlLastFailureReason deprecated.
cfcFeatureCtrlOpStatus deprecated.
cfcFeatureCtrlOpStatusReason deprecated.
cfcFeatureCtrl2Table .
cfcFeatureCtrl2Entry .
cfcFeatureCtrlIndex2 .
cfcFeatureCtrlTag2 .
cfcFeatureCtrlInstanceNum2 .
cfcFeatureCtrlName2 .
cfcFeatureCtrlAction2 .
cfcFeatureCtrlLastAction2 .
cfcFeatureCtrlLastActionResult2 .
cfcFeatureCtrlLastFailureReason2 .
cfcFeatureCtrlOpStatus2 .
cfcFeatureCtrlOpStatusReason2 .
cfcFeatureSetTable .
cfcFeatureSetEntry .
cfcFeatureSetIndex .
cfcFeatureSetName .
cfcFeatureSetAction .
cfcFeatureSetLastAction .
cfcFeatureSetLastActionResult .
cfcFeatureSetLastFailureReason .
cfcFeatureSetOpStatus .
cfcFeatureSetOpStatusReason .
cfcNotifControl .
cfcFeatureSetNotifEnable .
ciscoFeatureCtrlMIBConformance .
ciscoFeatureCtrlMIBCompliances .
ciscoFeatureCtrlMIBGroups .