Cisco Fabric MIB module for c12000 series of routers.
        This MIB module is used for managing/tracking the c12000
        fabric entities and fabric related configuration, status 
        and statistics information.
        C12000 fabric architecture is based on NxN non-blocking
        crossbar switch fabric, where N stands for the maximum 
        number of LCs that can be supported in the chassis (this 
        includes the RP). The connections through the switch 
        fabric is controlled by a scheduler (CSC), the CSC 
        accepts transmission requests from line cards, issues 
        grants to access the fabric, and provides a reference 
        clock to all the cards in the system to synchronize data 
        transfer across the crossbar.
        Some of the error status objects in the MIB are read-clear,
        that is the value of the object is cleared on a query of the
        Details about the various fabric related attributes 
        specified in the MIB could be found at following link,
        Acronyms and terms used in the MIB module:
        GSR           - Gigabit Switch Router.
        RP            - Route Processor.
        LC            - Line Card.
        SFC           - Switch Fabric Card.
        CRC           - Cyclic Redundancy Check.
        CSC           - Clock Scheduler Card.
        CiscoCell     - The unit of data that is exchanged
                        between line cards through the switch
        FIA           - Fabric Interface Asic, this Asic
                        resides on the line card and is 
                        used to interface line card and
                        switch fabric.
        ToFabFIA      - Represents the ToFabric FIA, FIA
                        which transmits data from the 
                        line card to the fabric.
        FrFabFIA      - Represents the From Fabric FIA, FIA
                        which receives data from the fabric.
        SCA           - Scheduler Control Asic, this Asic
                        resides on each CSC and is used to
                        arbitrate among the line card 
                        requests to transmit CiscoCells 
                        through the switch fabric.
        Xbar          - Crossbar Switch Asic, this Asic
                        resides on each fabric card and provides      
                        the functionality of a crossbar
        SLI           - Serial Link interface block, this
                        block resides on the FIA on the line
                        cards and the Xbar and SCA on the
                        switch fabric. The functionality of SLI
                        is to interface the linecards and fabric 
        BMA           - Buffer Manager Asic, this Asic is
                        located on a Pre OC-192 linecard.
                        It provides the packet buffering
                        and buffer queue management.
        MCC           - Memory Communication Controller Asic, 
                        this Asic is located on a OC-192 
                        linecard and is an enhanced packet buffer 
                        Asic. MCC captures the data and control 
                        path information for packets destined 
                        to all line cards in the system. On the 
                        receive side MCC interfaces with the 
                        Rx Asic where the packets are looked up
                        and sent to the MCC for buffering. On the
                        transmit side it interfaces with the 
                        ToFabFIA where packets arrived from MCC
                        will be segmented into CiscoCells before
                        being sent across the fabric.
        CSAR          - Cisco Cell Segmentation And Reassembly,
                        The name of an FPGA used on the RP which
                        handles traffic between the processor 
                        and switch fabric.
        Request       - A signal sent by a FIA (on a line card)
                        to the SCA (on Master CSC) requesting a 
                        switch connection to a output linecard as an
                        intent to transmit CiscoCells across.
        Grant         - A signal sent by the SCA to a FIA (on a
                        line card) granting a switch connection which
                        was requested by the FIA.
        SRAM          - Static Random Access Memory.
        LOS           - Loss Of Signal.
        FPGA          - Field Programmable Gate Array.

Imported Objects

PhysicalIndex, entPhysicalIndex, entPhysicalNameENTITY-MIB
ciscoFabricC12kMIB .
ciscoFabricC12kMIBNotifs .
ciscoFabricC12kMIBFabMasterSchCh .
ciscoFabricC12kMIBObjects .
cfcGeneric .
cfcGenericGlobal .
cfcGenericGlobalFabConfigMode .
cfcGenericGlobalFabMasterSched .
cfcGenericFab .
cfcGenericFabToFabTable .
cfcGenericFabToFabEntry .
cfcGenericFabToFabState .
cfcGenericFabToFabGrantPEs .
cfcGenericFabToFabRequestPEs .
cfcGenericFabToFabCellFifoPEs .
cfcGenericFabFrFabTable .
cfcGenericFabFrFabEntry .
cfcGenericFabFrFabState .
cfcGenericFabFrFabSliTable .
cfcGenericFabFrFabSliEntry .
cfcGenericFabFrFabSliFabIndex .
cfcGenericFabFrFabSliLOSErrors .
cfcGenericFabFrFabSliCRCErrors .
cfcGenericFabFrFabSliLOSState .
cfcGenericSca .
cfcGenericScaTable .
cfcGenericScaEntry .
cfcGenericScaIdentifier .
cfcGenericScaPreOc192LCsPresent .
cfcGenericScaIntrStatus .
cfcGenericScaIntrsEnabled .
cfcGenericScaConfig .
cfcGenericScaPELog .
cfcGenericScaFifoOverflowLog .
cfcGenericScaLCsEnabled .
cfcGenericScaForcedBackPressure .
cfcGenericScaOc192LCsPresent .
cfcGenericXbar .
cfcGenericXbarTable .
cfcGenericXbarEntry .
cfcGenericXbarIdentifier .
cfcPreOc192 .
cfcPreOc192Fab .
cfcPreOc192FabToFabTable .
cfcPreOc192FabToFabEntry .
cfcPreOc192FabToFabScaLosts .
cfcPreOc192FabToFabUCFifoOvFlws .
cfcPreOc192FabToFabUCFifoUnFlws .
cfcPreOc192FabToFabMCFifoErrs .
cfcPreOc192FabToFabBmaPEs .
cfcPreOc192FabToFabBmaHskErrs .
cfcPreOc192FabToFabUniDestMCRqs .
cfcPreOc192FabToFabMultiDstUCRqs .
cfcPreOc192FabToFabEmptyDestRqs .
cfcPreOc192FabFrFabTable .
cfcPreOc192FabFrFabEntry .
cfcPreOc192FabFrFabCellFifoPEs .
cfcPreOc192FabFrFabRedFifoPEs .
cfcPreOc192FabFrFabRedFifoOvflws .
cfcPreOc192FabFrFabCellDrops .
cfcPreOc192Sca .
cfcPreOc192ScaTable .
cfcPreOc192ScaEntry .
cfcPreOc192ScaReSyncDelay .
cfcPreOc192ScaLOSLog .
cfcPreOc192Xbar .
cfcPreOc192XbarTable .
cfcPreOc192XbarEntry .
cfcPreOc192XbarIntrStatus .
cfcPreOc192XbarParityChkStatus .
cfcOc192 .
cfcOc192Fab .
cfcOc192FabToFabTable .
cfcOc192FabToFabEntry .
cfcOc192FabToFabMccDataPEs .
cfcOc192FabToFabMccCmdPEs .
cfcOc192FabToFabBackPressurePEs .
cfcOc192FabToFabCellFifoOvFlws .
cfcOc192FabToFabCellFifoUnFlws .
cfcOc192FabToFabMccCmdSeqEndErrs .
cfcOc192FabToFabMccCmdSeqStrErrs .
cfcOc192FabFrFabTable .
cfcOc192FabFrFabEntry .
cfcOc192FabFrFabPktLenErrs .
cfcOc192FabFrFabExtRamPEs .
cfcOc192FabFrFabPktLenPEs .
cfcOc192FabFrFabHdrSramPEs .
cfcOc192FabFrFabTxCtrlPEs .
cfcOc192FabFrFabHdrFifoOvFlws .
cfcOc192FabFrFabExtSramOvFlws .
cfcOc192FabFrFabFirstLastErrs .
cfcOc192FabFrFabSeqErrs .
cfcOc192FabFrFabSliTable .
cfcOc192FabFrFabSliEntry .
cfcOc192FabFrFabSliSwitchIndex .
cfcOc192FabFrFabSliXorErrs .
cfcOc192FabFrFabSliCellDrops .
cfcOc192FabFrFabStatTable .
cfcOc192FabFrFabStatEntry .
cfcOc192FabFrFabStatLCIndex .
cfcOc192FabFrFabStatUCHiPktDrops .
cfcOc192FabFrFabStatUCLoPktDrops .
cfcOc192FabFrFabStatMCHiPktDrops .
cfcOc192FabFrFabStatMCLoPktDrops .
cfcOc192Sca .
cfcOc192ScaTable .
cfcOc192ScaEntry .
cfcOc192ScaRotationPeriod .
cfcOc192ScaDisableGrants .
cfcOc192Xbar .
cfcOc192XbarTable .
cfcOc192XbarEntry .
cfcOc192XbarCtrlLOSStatus .
cfcOc192XbarCtrlCRCErr .
cfcNotif .
cfcNotifEnable .
ciscoFabricC12kMIBConform .
ciscoFabricC12kMIBCompliances .
ciscoFabricC12kMIBGroups .