This MIB module defines managed objects that facilitate the
management of Quantum Flow Processors (QFP), which are listed
in the ENTITY-MIB (RFC 4133) entPhysicalTable as an
entPhysicalClass of 'cpu'.

The Quantum Flow Processors (QFP) technology is an architecture
family developed by Cisco, which has fully integrated and
programmable networking chip set that controls different
functions of a system such as packet forwarding.

This module contains objects to monitor various QFP
statistics such as system, utilization, memory, etc.

The utilization statistics can be used for future capacity
planning. The calculation of this statistics may vary by
devices which host QFPs, hence the user must refer to the
specific device document of interest for the exact method
of calculation. The utilization statistics have the following

o Input - Communication channel where packets arrive on the

o Output - Communication channel where packets leave the QFP.

o Priority - A classification applied to packets indicating
             they should be treated with greater urgency.

o Non-Priority - A classification applied to packets indicating
                 they should be treated with lesser urgency.

o Processing Load - The percentage of time over some interval
                    that the QFP has spent forwarding packets,
                    relative to the total time spent both 
                    forwarding packets and being idle.

Imported Objects

Unsigned32, Integer32, MODULE-IDENTITY, Counter64, Counter32, NOTIFICATION-TYPE, Gauge32, OBJECT-TYPESNMPv2-SMI
ciscoEntityQfpMIBNotifs .
ceqfpMemoryResRisingThreshNotif .
ceqfpMemoryResFallingThreshNotif .
ceqfpThroughputNotif .
ciscoEntityQfpMIBObjects .
ciscoEntityQfp .
ceqfpSystemTable .
ceqfpSystemEntry .
ceqfpSystemTrafficDirection .
ceqfpSystemState .
ceqfpNumberSystemLoads .
ceqfpSystemLastLoadTime .
ceqfpFiveSecondUtilAlgo .
ceqfpOneMinuteUtilAlgo .
ceqfpFiveMinutesUtilAlgo .
ceqfpSixtyMinutesUtilAlgo .
ceqfpUtilizationTable .
ceqfpUtilizationEntry .
ceqfpUtilTimeInterval .
ceqfpUtilOutputNonPriorityPktRate .
ceqfpUtilOutputNonPriorityBitRate .
ceqfpUtilOutputTotalPktRate .
ceqfpUtilOutputTotalBitRate .
ceqfpUtilProcessingLoad .
ceqfpUtilInputPriorityPktRate .
ceqfpUtilInputPriorityBitRate .
ceqfpUtilInputNonPriorityPktRate .
ceqfpUtilInputNonPriorityBitRate .
ceqfpUtilInputTotalPktRate .
ceqfpUtilInputTotalBitRate .
ceqfpUtilOutputPriorityPktRate .
ceqfpUtilOutputPriorityBitRate .
ceqfpMemoryResourceTable .
ceqfpMemoryResourceEntry .
ceqfpMemoryResType .
ceqfpMemoryResInUseOvrflw .
ceqfpMemoryHCResInUse .
ceqfpMemoryResFreeOvrflw .
ceqfpMemoryHCResFree .
ceqfpMemoryResLowFreeWatermarkOvrflw .
ceqfpMemoryHCResLowFreeWatermark .
ceqfpMemoryResTotal .
ceqfpMemoryResInUse .
ceqfpMemoryResFree .
ceqfpMemoryResLowFreeWatermark .
ceqfpMemoryResRisingThreshold .
ceqfpMemoryResFallingThreshold .
ceqfpMemoryResTotalOvrflw .
ceqfpMemoryHCResTotal .
ceqfpThroughputTable .
ceqfpThroughputEntry .
ceqfpThroughputLicensedBW .
ceqfpThroughputLevel .
ceqfpThroughputInterval .
ceqfpThroughputThreshold .
ceqfpThroughputAvgRate .
ciscoEntityQfpNotif .
ceqfpMemoryResThreshNotifEnabled .
ceqfpMemoryResCurrentRisingThresh .
ceqfpMemoryResCurrentFallingThresh .
ceqfpThroughputNotifEnabled .
ciscoEntityQfpMIBConform .
ciscoEntityQfpMIBCompliances .
ciscoEntityQfpMIBGroups .