The MIB for managing Server Load Balancing
Manager(s), and products supporting Server
Load Balancing(SLB) features.

This MIB extends the tables(as appropriate)
that  are defined in CISCO-SLB-MIB  and 
Some of the functionalities supported are:  
   * Real Server Configuration with real server 
     identified by a name
   * Real Server configuration in a Server Farm.
   * Health Probe Configuration in a real server.
   * Sticky Configuration for HTTP Header, HTTP Cookie
     and Client IP Address, SSL(Secure Socket Layer).

Acronyms and terminology:

SLB       : Server Load Balancing
            When a client initiates a connection to 
            virtual server, the system load balances 
            the connection to the chosen real server 
            based on the user configuration.
            SLB is important for Scaling of Web 
            Services and for traditional serverices 
            such as DNS, FTP etc.
Server Farm    : Contains cluster of Real Server
Virtual Server : Group of Real Servers
RServer                   : RServers are physical devices that
                                 do not belong to any server farm.                  
Real Server    : Real Servers are physical devices
                 assigned to a server farms.
                 Real  servers provide services that
                 are load balanced.
Health Probe   : The mechanisms to monitor the health 
                 of real servers.
sticky ConnectIons : Sticky connections limit traffic
            to the individual real servers by allowing
            multiple connections from the same client 
            to stick (or attach) to the same real 
            server using source IP addresses, 
            source IP subnets, cookies, and the 
            secure socket layer (SSL) or by 
            redirecting these connections using 
            Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
            redirect messages. Sticky connection
            feature also permits coupling of the
            services that are handled by more
            than one virtual server.
cookie : A cookie is a small data structure used by a 
         server to deliver data to a Web client and 
         request that the client store the information.
         In certain applications, the client returns 
         the information to the server to maintain 
         the state between the client and the server.
BuddyGroup : Contains buddy group name of real server.

Imported Objects

cslbxProbeName, CiscoProbeHealthMonStateCISCO-SLB-HEALTH-MON-MIB
SlbServerString, slbServerFarmName, slbEntity, SlbRealServerStateCISCO-SLB-MIB
InetAddress, InetAddressType, InetPortNumberINET-ADDRESS-MIB
TruthValue, StorageType, RowStatus, DateAndTime, TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONSNMPv2-TC
ciscoEnhancedSlbMIBNotifs .
cesRealServerStateUp deprecated.
cesRserverLocalityChange .
cesRealServerStateDown deprecated.
cesRealServerStateChange deprecated.
cesRserverStateUp .
cesRserverStateDown .
cesRserverStateChange .
cesRealServerStateUpRev1 .
cesRealServerStateDownRev1 .
cesRealServerStateChangeRev1 .
ciscoEnhancedSlbMIBObjects .
cesRealServer .
cesRserverTable .
cesRserverEntry .
cesRserverName .
cesRserverRedirectCode .
cesRserverRedirectPort .
cesRserverAdminStatus .
cesRserverOperStatus .
cesRserverStatechangeDescr .
cesRserverStorageType .
cesRserverRowStatus .
cesRserverTotalConns .
cesRserverFailedConns .
cesRserverCurrConns .
cesRserverType .
cesRserverLocality .
cesRserverIpAddressType .
cesRserverIpAddress .
cesRserverDescription .
cesRserverMaxConns .
cesRserverMinConns .
cesRserverAdminWeight .
cesRserverRedirectRelocationStr .
cesRserverProbeTable .
cesRserverProbeEntry .
cesRserverProbeName .
cesRserverProbeStorageType .
cesRserverProbeRowStatus .
cesRserverProbesPassed .
cesRserverProbesFailed .
cesRserverProbeHealthMonState .
cesRserverProbeLastProbeTime .
cesRserverProbeLastActiveTime .
cesRserverProbeLastFailedTime .
cesServerFarmRserverTable .
cesServerFarmRserverEntry .
cesServerFarmRserverPort .
cesServerFarmRserverBackupPort .
cesServerFarmRserverTotalConns .
cesServerFarmRserverFailedConns .
cesServerFarmRserverDroppedConns .
cesServerFarmRserverCurrentConns .
cesServerFarmRserverStorageType .
cesServerFarmRserverRowStatus .
cesServerFarmRserverDescr .
cesServerFarmRserverBuddyGroup .
cesServerFarmRserverAdminWeight .
cesServerFarmRserverOperWeight .
cesServerFarmRserverMaxConns .
cesServerFarmRserverMinConns .
cesServerFarmRserverAdminStatus .
cesServerFarmRserverOperStatus .
cesServerFarmRserverStateDescr .
cesServerFarmRserverBackupName .
cesRealServerProbeTable .
cesRealServerProbeEntry .
cesRealServerProbeStorageType .
cesRealServerProbeRowStatus .
cesDfpAgent .
cesStickyConfig .
cesNotifControl .
cesRealServerNotifEnable .
cesNotificationObjects .
cesRealServerName .
cesProbeName .
cesServerFarmName .
ciscoEnhancedSlbMIBConformance .
ciscoEnhancedSlbMIBCompliances .
ciscoEnhancedSlbMIBGroups .