This MIB provides information about images running
        on the system.  It has been extended to be useful 
        for modular operating systems.
        The image table provides information about currently 
        running image on the system.  A modular operating 
        system image consists of base image and all the 
        installables loaded on the base image.  A base image
        can be obtained from ceImageTable and all the 
        installables installed on this image can be obtained 
        using ceImageInstallableTable.
        Base Image 
             Essential part of the operating system,
             which forms base functionality on top of 
             which patches can be added. 
        MBI (Minimum bootable image) 
             A small image which contains the smallest 
             possible amount of functionality required to 
             bootstrap and load a full image.  This image 
             typically contains the kernel, the file system 
             drivers, and some hardware initialization code.  
             It is executed at boot-up, and initializes just 
             enough to access the rest of the code, and 
             run it.
        Modular operating system 
             An operating system that exhibits runtime 
             modularity characteristics, such as multiple 
             address spaces, fault isolation between 
             processes, and modularity delivery and 
             replacement of image components.
        Patch/Package/SMU (software maintenance upgrade)
             A modular replacement for some piece of on-box 
             content, such as a binary shared object, or a text
             file.  This entity is meant to replace or augment 
             something that is already part of the base image.
        Composite package 
             Group of packages delivered as a bundle. It is 
             meant to be loaded on MBI.
             A non-binary piece of on-box content, typically a 
             TCL script for use by the TCL interpreter, or 
             some other form of interpreted router content.
             An installable can be a patch, package, composite 
             package, SMU or script.  It is a piece of 
             software which can be loaded on to the base 
             image on a system.
             This term is used in this MIB to represent path 
             where operating system image is located.  It is 
             the way of describing where on the file system
             the installed software is located.  Modular 
             operating system image consists of base image
             and installables loaded on this base image.
             Tag is a virtual label placed by user that 
             indicates a point deemed to be stable.  It can be
             used to rollback to a system after an install 
             that negatively impacted the functionality of the
             system.  It gives points in system where user can
             go back to, to remove installables installed 
             after that point of time.

Imported Objects

CeImageInstallableStatus, CeImageInstallableTypeCISCO-IMAGE-TC
PhysicalIndex, entPhysicalIndexENTITY-MIB
DateAndTime, TruthValue, RowStatus, TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONSNMPv2-TC
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ceImageIndex .
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ceImageLocation .
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ceImageInstallableName .
ceImageInstallableStatus .
ceImageInstallableMajorVerNumber .
ceImageInstallableMinorVerNumber .
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ceImageInstallableDate .
ceImageInstallableRowStatus .
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