This MIB instrumentation is for managing the Content Delivery
        and Streaming functionality on Cisco devices.
        Contents are ingested into content delivery network and then
        distributed to clients. There are two types of contents in
        content delivery network - live and VOD. VOD contents can be
        pre-positioned or dynamically cached into the content delivery
        network. Live stream is ingested and delivered to a large
        audience using one-to-many split.
        Streaming protocols are supported, by different streaming
        modules. These include HTTP, RTSP, Microsoft Media Server, RTMP
        and their varieties.
        CDN   Content Delivery Network
        FMS   Flash Media Streaming
        HC    High Capacity 
        MS    Movie Streamer
        RTMP  Real Time Messaging Protocol
        VOD   Video On Demand
        WMT   Window Media Technology
        Dynamic cache
            Content is dynamically ingested into Content Delivery
            Network when the server does not find a client's requested
            content in its local hard disk storage.
        Origin Server
            The server on which all original copies of content reside.
            It locates outside the CDN.
            The content is ingested into Content Delivery Network at or
            near the point of planned use to reduce reaction time, and
            to ensure timely response to requests during initial phase
            of an operation. 
        Real Time Messaging Protocol
            A multimedia streaming and RPC protocol primarily used in
            Adobe Flash.
        Upstream Server
            Upstream server is a server that is located higher in the
            Content Delivery Network hierarchy.

Imported Objects

MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Counter32, Counter64, Gauge32, Unsigned32SNMPv2-SMI
ciscoContentDeliveryStreamingMIB .
ciscoCdsMIBObjects .
ccdsStreamingModule .
ccdsStreamingStatsTable .
ccdsStreamingStatsEntry .
ccdsStreamingStatsIndex .
ccdsStreamingStatsClientErrors .
ccdsStreamingStatsServerErrors .
ccdsStreamingStatsBlockedRequests .
ccdsStreamingStatsServedBytes .
ccdsStreamingStatsHCServedBytes .
ccdsStreamingStatsLiveBytes .
ccdsStreamingStatsHCLiveBytes .
ccdsStreamingStatsVODBytes .
ccdsStreamingStatsHCVODBytes .
ccdsStreamingStatsBandwidthUnit .
ccdsStreamingStatsDescr .
ccdsStreamingStatsBandwidthRate .
ccdsStreamingStatsConcurrentRequests .
ccdsStreamingStatsModuleType .
ccdsStreamingStatsRequests .
ccdsStreamingStatsLiveRequests .
ccdsStreamingStatsVODRequests .
ccdsStreamingStatsPrepHitRequests .
ccdsStreamingStatsCacheHitRequests .
ccdsStreamingStatsMissRequests .
ciscoCdsMIBConformance .
ciscoCdsMIBCompliances .
ciscoCdsMIBGroups .