This MIB module defines ISA configuration objects that
        faciliate the management of the Cisco Content Delivery System
        for TV (CDS-TV) product family.
        CDS-TV is a suite of products and software applications
        providing ingest, storage, caching, streaming, playout and
        on-demand delivery of video to television or set-top-box
        ASI     Asynchronous Serial Interface
        CDS     Content Delivery System
        CORBA   Common Object Request Broker Architecture
        ISA     Interactive Services Architecture
        ISV     Integrated Streamer-Vault
        FSI     File Service Interface
        FTP     File Transfer Protocol
        MPEG    Motion Picture Experts Group
        MSA     Managed Services Architecture
        LSCP    Lightweight Stream Control Protocol
        RTI     Roome Telecommunications, Inc
        RTSP    Real-Time Streaming Protocol
        STB     Set-Top Box
        TTV     Tampereen Tietoverkko, Finland
        Common terms:
        Catcher: Device responsible for receiving content (typically via
        satellite dishes and antennae) from content providers or from a
        Content Ingest: Acquisition of content from a source such as a
        catcher or an FTP server for storing it locally and making it
        available to streamers as needed.
        Vault: Content delivery application responsible for ingesting
        and storing video content and making it available to streamers.
        Streamer: Content delivery application responsible for streaming
        video out to STB's.
        CorbaLoc: Corba Location (CorbaLoc) refers to a string object
        reference for a CORBA object that looks similar to a URL and
        provides a human readable and editable way to specify a location
        where an IOR (Interoperable Object Reference) can be obtained.
        An example of a corbaloc URL is:
        ISA: Time Warner Cable's Interactive Services Architecture is a
        CORBA-based framework specifying interfaces for communication
        between various applications and servers in a cable
        video-on-demand ecosystem, including back-office, billing,
        subscriber management and streaming.

Imported Objects

InetAddressType, InetAddress, InetPortNumberINET-ADDRESS-MIB
ciscoCdstvIsaMIB .
ciscoCdstvIsaMIBNotifs .
ciscoCdstvIsaMIBObjects .
cdstvISAConfigGeneral .
cdstvISAConfigFileName .
cdstvISAConfigSessionGatewayTable .
cdstvISAConfigSessionGatewayEntry .
cdstvISAConfigSessionGatewayIndex .
cdstvISAConfigSessionGatewayID .
cdstvISAConfigTmeStatus .
cdstvISAConfigWebServicePort .
cdstvISAConfigMSAEnabled .
cdstvISAConfigTmeEnabled deprecated.
cdstvISAConfigLoadQueryInterval .
cdstvISAConfigPlayNumThreads .
cdstvISAConfigResourceMgrServiceName .
cdstvISAConfigServicePollTime .
cdstvISAConfigPreEncryptionEnabled .
cdstvISAConfigStreamChannel .
cdstvISAConfigStreamChannelId .
cdstvISAConfigStreamChannelKind .
cdstvISAConfigEventChannel .
cdstvISAConfigEventChannelId .
cdstvISAConfigEventChannelKind .
cdstvISAConfigEventChannelFactory .
cdstvISAConfigFTP .
cdstvISAConfigFTPClientPort .
cdstvISAConfigFTPServerPort .
cdstvISAConfigFTPServerOutPort .
cdstvISAConfigFTPClientNumAttempts .
cdstvISAConfigFTPPollTimeout .
cdstvISAConfigLSCP .
cdstvISAConfigLscpServerPort .
cdstvISAConfigLscpResponsePadding .
cdstvISAConfigfMsaLscpClientProto .
cdstvISAConfigContentService .
cdstvISAConfigContentServiceMasterIpType .
cdstvISAConfigContentServiceMasterIp .
cdstvISAConfigContentServiceMasterPort .
cdstvISAConfigStreamService .
cdstvISAConfigStreamServiceMasterIpType .
cdstvISAConfigStreamHeadendIdType .
cdstvISAConfigStreamHeadendId .
cdstvISAConfigStreamTimeout .
cdstvISAConfigStreamServiceMasterIp .
cdstvISAConfigStreamServiceMasterPort .
cdstvISAConfigStreamServiceId .
cdstvISAConfigStreamServiceKind .
cdstvISAConfigMasterNumThreads .
cdstvISAConfigStreamSourceIPConfig .
cdstvISAConfigStreamSourcePort .
cdstvISAConfigStreamingMode .
cdstvISAConfigNamingService .
cdstvISAConfigNamingServiceIpType .
cdstvISAConfigNamingServiceIp .
cdstvISAConfigNamingServicePort .
cdstvISAConfigNotifyService .
cdstvISAConfigNotifyServiceIpType .
cdstvISAConfigNotifyServiceIp .
cdstvISAConfigNotifyServicePort .
cdstvISAConfigNotifyServiceFactory .
cdstvISAConfigContentStore .
cdstvISAConfigContentStoreName .
cdstvISAConfigContentStoreKind .
cdstvISAConfigContentNumThreads .
cdstvISAConfigFactory .
cdstvISAConfigFactoryId .
cdstvISAConfigFactoryKind .
cdstvISAConfigContentFactory .
cdstvISAConfigContentFactoryId .
cdstvISAConfigContentFactoryKind .
cdstvISAConfigContentChannel .
cdstvISAConfigContentChannelId .
cdstvISAConfigContentChannelKind .
ciscoCdstvIsaMIBConform .
ciscoCdstvIsaMIBCompliances .
ciscoCdstvIsaMIBGroups .