This MIB module defines Bandwidth Manager configuration objects
        that facilitate the management of the Cisco Content Delivery
        System for TV (CDS-TV) product family.
        CDS-TV is a suite of products and software applications
        providing ingest, storage, caching, streaming, playout and
        on-demand delivery of video to television or set-top-box
        The Bandwidth Manager runs on the master streamer and keeps
        track of allocated streams and VOD network resources.
        CCP     Cache Control Protocol
        CDS     Content Delivery System
        CORBA   Common Object Request Broker Architecture 
        ISA     Interactive Services Architecture
        ISV     Integrated Streamer-Vault
        FSI     File Service Interface
        FTP     File Transfer Protocol
        MPEG    Motion Picture Experts Group
        MSA     Managed Services Architecture
        RTSP    Real-Time Streaming Protocol
        SOAP    Simple Object Access Protocol
        STB     Set-Top Box
        VOD     Video On-Demand
        Common terms:
        Catcher: Device responsible for receiving content (typically via
        satellite dishes and antennae) from content providers or from a
        Content Ingest: Acquisition of content from a source such as a
        catcher or an FTP server for storing it locally and making it
        available to streamers as needed.
        Device Roles:
        Vault: Content delivery application responsible for ingesting
        and storing video content and making it available to streamers
        and/or caching nodes.
        Caching Nodes: Content delivery application responsible for
        caching content from vault (using CCP) and then streaming
        content out to streamers over HTTP or CCP.
        Streamer: Content delivery application responsible for streaming
        video out to STB's.
        ISV: Content delivery application capable of acting as both a
        vault and as a streamer in a single device.

Imported Objects

InetPortNumber, InetAddressType, InetAddressINET-ADDRESS-MIB
ciscoCdstvBwmgrMIB .
ciscoCdstvBWMgrMIBNotifs .
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cdstvBWMgrAddressType .
cdstvBWMgrAddress .
cdstvBWMgrPort .
cdstvBWMgrDatabaseThreadPool .
cdstvBWMgrServerThreadPool .
cdstvBWMgrSyncThreadPool .
cdstvBWMgrSyncAlarm .
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