The MIB module for management of network clock        distribution
        and the Network Clock Distribution Protocol (NCDP) in Cisco 
        In the context of this MIB 'network clock' refers to the
        clock signal that is used to time the physical interfaces.
        Network clock distribution refers to the distribution of a
        clock signal through a device and between devices for use
        by the physical interfaces.  (See Bell Communications 
        Research, GR-1244-CORE, 'Clocks for the Synchronized
        Network: Common  Generic Criteria' and Bell Communications
        Research, GR-436-CORE, 'Digital Network Synchronization 
        NCDP is used to configure the network clocking hardware of 
        the platform on which an NCDP entity exists.  The underlying
        network clocking hardware in turn distributes a clock signal
        through the device for use by the physical interfaces.  When
        all of the interfaces that support synchronous clock 
        recovery in a network are timed to one master clock signal,
        the network is said to be synchronized.
         NCDP protocol entities residing on adjacent devices 
        cooperate through the exchange of protocol messages to
         construct a spanning network clock distribution tree.
        The tree preserves the synchronous digital hierarchy.
        After NCDP has determined that its algorithm has converged
        it superimposes the clock distribution tree on the
        underlying network and the result is a synchronized

Imported Objects

entPhysicalIndex, PhysicalIndexENTITY-MIB
TEXTUAL-CONVENTION, TruthValue, TimeStamp, RowStatusSNMPv2-TC
ciscoAtmNetworkClockMIB .
ciscoAtmNetworkClockMIBObjects .
cncGlobal .
cncDistributionMethod .
cncNotificationOnChange .
cncNodeStratum .
cncNcdpMaxDiameter .
cncNcdpMessageInterval .
cncNcdpHoldTime .
cncSourceChangeReason .
cncSourceChangeTimeStamp .
cncRootClockSource .
cncManualSource .
cncManualSourceTable .
cncManualSourceEntry .
cncManualSourcePriority .
cncManualSourceId .
cncManualSourceHealth .
cncManualRowStatus .
cncNcdpSource .
cncNcdpSourceTable .
cncNcdpSourceEntry .
cncNcdpBestClockSource .
cncNcdpPriority .
cncNcdpStratum .
cncNcdpPRSReference .
cncNcdpSourceHealth .
cncNcdpRowStatus .
cncNcdp .
cncNcdpAtmTable .
cncNcdpAtmEntry .
cncNcdpEnable .
cncNcdpAdminWeight .
cncNcdpVpi .
cncNcdpVci .
cncNcdpHealth .
ciscoAtmNetworkClockNotificationPrefix .
ciscoAtmNetworkClockMIBNotifications .
cncNotifySourceChange .
ciscoAtmNetworkClockConformance .
ciscoAtmNetworkClockMIBCompliances .
ciscoAtmNetworkClockMIBGroups .