The MIB module for providing the parameters 
configured on an ATM interface.
Terminologies used:
SVC  : Switched Virtual Channel
SPVC : Soft Permanent Virtual Circuit
SPVP : Soft Permanent Virtual Path
SVPC : Switched Virtual Path Connection
DAX  : Connection with endpoints on the same 
       ATM switch
P2p  : Point-to-point connection
P2mp : Point-to-multi-point connection
Root : The root of point-to-multipoint connection,
       which is associated with a VPI/VCI
Leaf : Usually one point-to-multipoint connection
       consists of one root and one or more leaves. 
       Leaf is the branch point for point 
       to multipoint connection that is 
       associated with a VPI/VCI
Party: One or more party is associated with each 
       leaf, all parties are associated with 
       the same VPI/VCI that its leaf belongs to

Source           Via Node           Destination
-------          -------            -------
A|     |B        C|     |D          E|     |F
|     |          |     |            |     |     
-------          -------            -------
Each active connection has two terminating 
In the above diagram, Endpoints A and F are 
Of these the master endpoint of the connection 
initiates the routing of the call and is 
considered the calling party. The slave endpoint
is the called party which receives calls and is 
the destination of a call.
Any endpoints that are created either on Via nodes 
or on the node with the terminating endpoint in 
order to have a complete connections between 
endpoints A and F are said to be intermediate 
endpoints. In the above diagram, endpoints B, C, 
D and E are intermediate endpoints.

Imported Objects

caciMIBNotifications .
caciMIBObjects .
caciAtmConnInfo .
caciIfInfo .
caciConnInfoTable .
caciConnInfoEntry .
caciGeneralConnEPCategory .
caciNumUsedConns .
caciP2pConns .
caciP2pConnTable .
caciP2pConnEntry .
caciP2pConnectionCategory .
caciP2pTotalConns .
caciP2pEndpoints .
caciP2pEndpointTable .
caciP2pEndpointEntry .
caciP2pEndptCategory .
caciP2pTotalConfEndpoints .
caciP2pIntEndpoints .
caciP2pIntEndpointTable .
caciP2pIntEndpointEntry .
caciP2pIntEndptCategory .
caciP2pTotalIntEndpoints .
caciP2mpConns .
caciP2mpConnTable .
caciP2mpConnEntry .
caciP2mpConnectionCategory .
caciP2mpTotalConfConns .
caciGeneric .
caciP2pTotalConfConns .
caciP2pMaxPossibleConns .
caciMaxPossibleEndpoints .
caciGenericEndpointTable .
caciGenericEndpointEntry .
caciATMEndpointCategory .
caciTotalEndpoints .
ciscoAtmConnInfoMIBConformance .
ciscoAtmConnInfoMIBCompliances .
ciscoAtmConnInfoMIBGroups .