The ASPP MIB provides the configuration and operational 
        information on asynchronous polled protocols such as the
        asynchronous security protocols that alarm monitoring 
        companies use. The protocols are handled in passthrough 
        mode. ASPP will handle the receiving and sending of the 
        asychronous blocks. It will not perform any error 
        checking. It is the responsibilty of the end-station to
        perform any required error recovery. A generic protocol
        has been created to support asychronous protocols. In 
        some situations this doesn't work for all types since
        there is no alarm protocol standard. Specific vendor 
        support has been included for the following vendor's 
        alarm equipment and protocols:
          * adplex
          * adt
             - PollSelect
             - VariPoll
          * diebold
          * mdi
          * mosec (mosler)
          * gddb (Guang Dong Development Bank) 
             - This protocol is similar to Burroughs Poll/Select
        The following example configuration shows how the 
        ASPP MIB returns ASPP information, from either CISCO A 
        or  CISCO B.
        Security == ASP == Cisco == IP    == Cisco == ASP == Alarm
        control              A      Network    B             Panel
        The following entities are managed:
        1) ASPP ports (serial interfaces)
        The ASPP ports are identified by the interface index, 
        and additional information about this interface can be 
        obtained from the Cisco Serial Interface MIB.

Imported Objects

ciscoAsppMIB .
asppObjects .
asppPorts .
asppPortTable .
asppPortEntry .
asppPortProtocol .
asppPortHostTimer .
asppPortConnectTimer .
asppPortRetryCount .
asppPortDelayEnq .
asppPortDisableEnq .
asppPortSendAck .
asppPortDirect .
asppPortDCDAlways .
asppPortRole .
asppPortReceiveInterFrameTimeout .
asppPortDeviceAddressOffset .
asppPortEOFCharacter .
asppPortSOFCharacter .
asppPortIgnoreSequenceNumber .
asppPortRspTimer .
asppPortRxTimer .
asppMibConformance .
asppMibCompliances .
asppMibGroups .