This mib defines the SNMP objects to report the status of 
        High Availability (HA) functionality in Cisco network 
        management appliance devices. The HA functinality is
        achieved via the redundancy of network management appliance
        An network management appliance is a device which combines 
        hardware and software to provide specific network management
        services. Cisco WLSE, Wireless Service Engine (WLSE) is such
        an appliance.
        The High Availability is achieved via redundancy of 
        appliances. This redundancy scheme is designed to support 
        hardware or software failure of the appliances in a non-
        disruptive manner. Redundancy is achieved by configuring
        a cluster of two appliances with one common virtual IP 
        address. The data is mirrored from the active appliance to 
        the standby appliance at regular intervals.
        One of the appliances is in active mode, performing all 
        normal functions. The other appliance is in warm standby 
        mode; that is, the appliance is up but no application
        services are running. 
        Both the active and standby appliances have their own IP 
        addresses. The active appliance also owns the virtual IP 
        address to which all the service requests are made.
        The active appliance and standby appliance periodically poll
        each other. If the standby appliance cannot reach the active
        appliance, it will become the active appliance. This is 
        called a switchover event. The switchover can be caused by 
        other causes, for example, via user commands.
        Both the active and standby appliances should implement 
        this MIB and report any exceptions caused by switchover 

Imported Objects

InetAddressType, InetAddressINET-ADDRESS-MIB
DateAndTime, TruthValue, TimeInterval, TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONSNMPv2-TC
ciscoApplianceRedundancyMIB .
ciscoApplRedundancyMIBObjects .
carConfigObjects .
carRedundancySyncInterval .
carRedundancyCheckInterval .
carRedundancyState .
carNotificationEnabled .
carHAAddressTable .
carHAAddressEntry .
carHAAddrTableIndex .
carVirtualAddressType .
carVirtualAddress .
carMyAddressType .
carMyAddress .
carPeerAddressType .
carPeerAddress .
carSwitchOverObjects .
carLastSwitchOverReason .
carLastSwitchOverTime .
carTotalSwitchOvers .
carMaxSwitchOverHistoryRecords .
carSwitchOverHistoryTable .
carSwitchOverHistEntry .
carSWHistTableIndex .
carSWHistActiveNodeAddressType .
carSWHistActiveNodeAddress .
carSWHistStandbyNodeAddressType .
carSWHistStandbyNodeAddress .
carSWHistEventTime .
carSWHistEventReason .
carHAMIBNotifPrefix .
carHAMIBNotifications .
carSwitchOverNotification .
ciscoHAMIBConformance .
ciscoHAMIBCompliances .
ciscoHAMIBGroups .