This MIB module defines managed objects that facilitate
        the management of policies upon host(s) admission to 
        a network. 
        The information available through this MIB includes:
        o Statistics information such as number of total and
          active sessions. 
        o Session information such as IP and MAC address of
          host, client type, and session state.
        o QoS and Security policy applied to host traffic upon 
          host admission to a network. 
        The following terms are used throughout this MIB:
        QoS (Quality of Service) is the method which attempts 
        to ensure that the network requirements of different 
        applications can be met by giving preferential forwarding
        treatment to some traffic.
        ACL (Access Control List) which contains filters used
        to identify traffic flows with certain characteristics.
        Downloadable ACL is a set of filters, configured on the 
        RADIUS server which are downloaded during authorization 
        phase of admission features like dot1x, authProxy, etc.
        SGT (Security Group Tag) is a unique 16 bits value assigned
        to every security group and used by network devices to
        enforce network policies. 
        URL: Universal Resource Locator.
        URL-Redirect ACL is used for URL redirection feature. Any 
        ingress HTTP from the host that matches the ACL content 
        is subjected to redirection to the URL address specified by 
        the URL-Redirect string.
        URL redirect string is the URL to which HTTP traffic to 
        the host would be redirected.

Imported Objects

InetAddressType, InetAddressINET-ADDRESS-MIB
MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Gauge32, Integer32, Counter32SNMPv2-SMI
ciscoAdmissionPolicyMIB .
ciscoAdmissionPolicyMIBNotifs .
ciscoAdmissionPolicyMIBObjects .
capSessions .
capTotalSessions .
capActiveSessions .
capSidSessionInfoTable .
capSidSessionInfoEntry .
capSidSessionIndex .
capSidSessionIfIndex .
capSidSessionMacAddress .
capSidSessionAddressType .
capSidSessionAddress .
capSidSessionFeatureType .
capSidSessionPolicyTable .
capSidSessionPolicyEntry .
capSidSessionPolicyIndex .
capSidRedirectUrlString .
capSidRedirectUrlStringState .
capSidSecurityGroupTag .
capSidIngressQosPolicy .
capSidIngressQosPolicyState .
capSidEgressQosPolicy .
capSidEgressQosPolicyState .
capSidDownloadableAclName .
capSidDownloadableAclState .
capSidUrlRedirectAclName .
capSidUrlRedirectAclState .
ciscoAdmissionPolicyMIBConformance .
ciscoAdmissionPolicyMIBCompliances .
ciscoAdmissionPolicyMIBGroups .