This group gives the BSU Multiple Subnets information. 
        The aniBsuSubnetConfTable is used to view and configure
        subnets per wireless port.
        There can be upto 1024  pairs.
        For a given WSS port, there can be multiple and different 
        subnets. This means that each subnet specified by an
         has to be distinct.
        Atleast one Ip Address and Subnet Mask has to be specified.
        In addition to the subnet being distinct, each IP Address 
        must be unique too.
        If clustering is disabled, then Multiple Subnets on one
        WSS port should not clash with Multiple Subnets on any
        other WSS port.
        Clustering and multiple subnets can exists simultaneously 
        as long as they are not on the same WSS. If clustering is 
        enabled but not all WSS are clustered, then those that are 
        not part of the cluster can have multiple subnets. 
        Eg. If WSS1 and WSS2 are clustered, but WSS3 and WSS4 are 
        not, then WSS3 and WSS4 can have multiple subnets.
        To add a new subnet to the table, first set the 
        aniBsuSubnetConfAddr. Next send an SNMP set request
        on aniBsuSubnetConfMask.
        Currently, deletion and modification of entries is not supported.
        When the BSU is in Bridge mode, this multiple subnets table is 
        not valid and will not be displayed.

Imported Objects

aniBsuMultSubnets .
aniBsuSubnetConfTable .
aniBsuSubnetConfEntry .
aniBsuSubnetConfAddr .
aniBsuSubnetConfMask .