The MIB module for the monitoring of VCS fabrics. VCS 
fabrics is a proprietary technology of Brocade.

A VCS fabric consists of a set of inter-connected 
Brocade VDX switches. These set of switches together
behave like a single L2 switch to the outside world.
The cluster can operate in 2 modes: fabric mode and 
Logical chassis mode.
In fabric mode, the switches together behave like a 
single L2 switch - but configuration on each switch
is independent of the other.
In logical chassis mode, one switch in the fabric is 
elected as the principal switch. All configurations 
need to be done only from the principal switch.
This is synced across to all the switches in the fabric.
Thus the configuration information is the same on all 
the switches.

Imported Objects

InetAddress, InetAddressTypeINET-ADDRESS-MIB
MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Integer32, Gauge32, Counter32, Unsigned32SNMPv2-SMI
TruthValue, TEXTUAL-CONVENTION, DisplayStringSNMPv2-TC
brocadeVcsMIBObjects .
vcsConfigMode .
vcsNumNodesInCluster .
vcsClusterCondition .
vcsFabricIslTable .
vcsFabricIslEntry .
vcsFabricIslIndex .
vcsFabricIslIntfName .
vcsFabricIslNbrIntfName .
vcsFabricIslNbrWWN .
vcsFabricIslNbrName .
vcsFabricIslBW .
vcsFabricIslIsTrunk .
vcsModeOfOperation .
vcsIdentifier .
vcsVirtualIpV4Address .
vcsVirtualIpV6Address .
vcsVirtualIpAssociatedRbridgeId .
vcsVirtualIpInterfaceId .
vcsVirtualIpV4OperStatus .
vcsVirtualIpV6OperStatus .
brocadeVcsMIBConformance .
brocadeVcsConformanceGroups .
brocadeVcsCompliances .