This MIB module is for the management of the SNMP context in 
        the Brocade managed entities. 
        An SNMP context, or just 'context' for short, is a collection 
        of management information accessible by an SNMP entity. An item 
        of management information may exist in more than one context. 
        An SNMP entity potentially has access to many contexts.
        While SNMP context itself is generically defined to cater to 
        the access of multiple instances of the MIB modules and 
        management information, it is required to define what 'context' 
        means for a given managed entity. This MIB module provides the 
        management of such context. As technology evolves, the 
        definition of the context can evolve and hence such definition 
        should be extensible. 
        The context referred in this management module is same as 
        'contextName' as defined in the SNMPv3 PDU and also
        maps to the 'snmpCommunityContextName' of snmpCommunityTable 
        in 'SNMP-COMMUNITY-MIB'. The rest of the elements of procedure
        described for processing SNMP PDU remains the same.
        Glossary of the terms used in this MIB:
        SNMP Context - Name of the SNMP context name used in SNMPv3 
                       PDU/SNMPv2 community mapping.
        VRF - Virtual Routing and Forwarding.

Imported Objects

RowStatus, StorageTypeSNMPv2-TC
brocadeContextMappingMIB .
bContextMapMIBNotifs .
bContextMapMIBObjects .
bcmContexMapConfig .
bcmContextMappingTable .
bcmContextMappingEntry .
bcmContextMappingVacmContextName .
bcmContextMappingVrfName .
bcmContextMappingStorageType .
bcmContextMappingRowStatus .
bContextMapMIBConform .
brocadeContextMapMIBCompliances .
brocadeContextMapMIBGroups .