This module define the application memory manager. I.e. definition of the size in memory
        for specific applications as TFTP, SNIFFER, etc. For each application the user can 
        configure the size it takes in RAM, NVRAM, etc.
        Copyright notice:
        This AVAYA SNMP Management Information Base Specification (Specification) embodies
        AVAYA confidential and Proprietary intellectual property.  AVAYA retains all Title
        and ownership in the Specification, including any revisionsIt is AVAYA's intent to
        encourage the widespread use of this Specification in connection with the management
        of AVAYA products. AVAYA grants vendors, end-users, and other interested parties a
        non-exclusive license to use this Specification in connection with the management 
        of AVAYA products.This Specification is supplied 'as is', and AVAYA makes no warranty,
        either express or implied, as to the use, operation, condition, or performance of the

Imported Objects

Integer32, Unsigned32, enterprises, Gauge32, Counter32, OBJECT-TYPE, MODULE-IDENTITY, NOTIFICATION-TYPESNMPv2-SMI
RowStatus, TEXTUAL-CONVENTION, TruthValue, DateAndTime, TimeInterval, DisplayStringSNMPv2-TC
avApplMemManagerGenConfig .
avApplMemManagerTotalRamSize .
avApplMemManagerTotalNvRamSize .
avApplMemManagerTable .
avApplMemManagerEntry .
avApplMemManagerId .
avApplMemManagerType .
avApplMemManagerName .
avApplMemManagerSize .
avApplMemManagerMinSize .
avApplMemManagerMaxSize .