This MIB contains information about the capacity and
        utilization of hardware resources on Arista devices.
        Arista ships and supports devices which perform packet
        forwarding decisions in hardware. To make these forwarding
        decisions (L2 bridging, input and output access list, L3
        forwarding based on IP destination etc.), the devices use
        information programmed in various hardware
        resources. Examples of such hardware resources are the
        hash table used for MAC address lookup, TCAM for
        destination IP lookup etc. 
        Each of Arista's devices have different hardware resource
        capacity or size limits. It is extremely useful for a
        Network Management system to be able to query and monitor
        the utilization of these hardware resources. Due to
        unxpected network event or configuration change, it is
        possible that a specific hardware resource is over
        utilized and there is no room to program additional
        entries. For example, a routing mis-configuration can
        result in overflowing the L3 forwarding TCAM. This may
        be detrimental to the network operation. So it's extremely
        useful to monitor the utilization of the various hardware
        resources of a specific device.
        On some devices, due to hardware design considerations,
        several features may have to share a single hardware
        resource. If one feature ends up using more of the same
        resource, it can affect the functionality of another
        feature. This is another reason to have visibility into
        the hardware resource usage.
        The hardware element that makes the forwarding decision is
        frequently referred to as the 'Forwarding ASIC' or
        'Forwarding Chip'. In this MIB document we refer to this
        hardware element as 'Forwarding Element'. Even though a
        device can have multiple forwarding elements, the information
        programmed in each of the forwarding element is typically
        the same. But there are some cases, where this is not the
        case. In such instances, the utilization of relevant
        hardware resource(s) may not be the same across all the
        forwarding elements.
        This MIB module provides the hardware capacity and
        utilization information for various resources in a generic
        manner, that's applicable to all Arista devices.

Imported Objects

TimeStamp, DisplayStringSNMPv2-TC
aristaHardwareUtilizationMIB .
aristaHardwareUtilizationMibNotifications .
aristaHardwareUtilizationAlert .
aristaHardwareUtilizationMibObjects .
aristaHardwareUtilizationTable .
aristaHardwareUtilizationEntry .
aristaHardwareUtilizationResource .
aristaHardwareUtilizationFeature .
aristaHardwareUtilizationForwardingElement .
aristaHardwareUtilizationInUseEntries .
aristaHardwareUtilizationFreeEntries .
aristaHardwareUtilizationCommittedEntries .
aristaHardwareUtilizationMaxEntries .
aristaHardwareUtilizationHighWatermark .
aristaHardwareUtilizationHighWatermarkTime .
aristaHardwareUtilizationMibConformance .
aristaHardwareUtilizationMibCompliances .
aristaHardwareUtilizationMibGroups .