Arista devices that function as a router support various
        dynamic routing protocols like BGP, OSPF. Customers can
        configure local or static routes as well.
        The routing subsystem is responsible for creating the
        forwarding information base (FIB) from routing information
        received by customer configuration or dynamic routing
        protocols. The FIB has the complete details about all the
        routes that are active in the system and will be used for
        data forwarding.
        In the context of this MIB, we specifically refer to the
        unicast FIB.
        This MIB provides useful statistics about the FIB.
        Arista devices support routing function for IPv4 and IPv6
        address families. Arista devices also support the concept
        of virtual routing and forwarding (VRF), with a single
        device providing multiple routing instances. This allows
        customers to isolate network traffic and use overlapping
        addresses. A VRF instance is identified by a customer
        configured string.
        Arista devices maintain independent FIB for each address
        family and VRF instance.
        This MIB provides access to FIB summary of all address
        families within a specific VRF instance. Network
        Management Stations can obtain FIB summary for every VRF
        instance by specifying the VRF instance as a context, when
        using SNMPv3; or by including the VRF instance in the
        community string (format is @)
        when using SNMPv2.

Imported Objects

InetAddressPrefixLength, InetVersionINET-ADDRESS-MIB
aristaFIBStatsMIB .
aristaFIBStatsMibObjects .
aristaFIBStatsSummaryTable .
aristaFIBStatsSummaryEntry .
aristaFIBStatsAF .
aristaFIBStatsTotalRoutes .
aristaFIBStatsByRouteTypeTable .
aristaFIBStatsByRouteTypeEntry .
aristaFIBStatsRouteType .
aristaFIBStatsTotalRoutesForRouteType .
aristaFIBStatsByPrefixLenTable .
aristaFIBStatsByPrefixLenEntry .
aristaFIBStatsPrefixLen .
aristaFIBStatsTotalRoutesForPrefixLen .
aristaFIBStatsMibConformance .
aristaFIBStatsMibCompliances .
aristaFIBStatsMibGroups .