This module describes an authoritative enterprise-specific Simple
        Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Base (MIB):
            This proprietary MIB contains management information for
            the configuration of OSPFv3 global configuration parameters.
        The right to make changes in specification and other information
        contained in this document without prior notice is reserved.
        No liability shall be assumed for any incidental, indirect, special, o
        consequential damages whatsoever arising from or related to this
        document or the information contained herein.
        Vendors, end-users, and other interested parties are granted
        non-exclusive license to use this specification in connection with
        management of the products for which it is intended to be used.
                    Copyright (C) 1995-2003 Alcatel-Lucent
                        ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WORLDWIDE

Imported Objects

Ipv6Address, Ipv6IfIndexOrZeroIPV6-TC
MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Integer32, Unsigned32, Gauge32SNMPv2-SMI
alcatelENT1OSPF3MIB .
alcatelIND1OSPF3MIBObjects .
alaProtocolOspf3 .
alaOspf3OrigRouteTag .
alaOspf3AreaAugTable .
alaOspf3AreaAugEntry .
alaOspf3AreaRouterLsaCount .
alaOspf3AreaNetworkLsaCount .
alaOspf3AreaIntraAreaPrefixLsaCount .
alaOspf3AreaInterAreaPrefixLsaCount .
alaOspf3AreaInterAreaRouterLsaCount .
alaOspf3AreaHostCount .
alaOspf3AreaInterfaceCount .
alaOspf3AreaSummarizationRangeCount .
alaOspf3TimerSpfDelay .
alaOspf3TimerSpfHold .
alaOspf3RestartHelperSupport .
alaOspf3RestartStrictLsaChecking .
alaOspf3RestartInitiate .
alaOspf3MTUCheck .
alaOspf3RouteTable .
alaOspf3RouteEntry .
alaOspf3RouteDest .
alaOspf3RoutePfxLength .
alaOspf3RouteNextHop .
alaOspf3RouteIfIndex .
alaOspf3RouteType .
alaOspf3RoutePathType .
alaOspf3RouteMetric1 .
alaOspf3RouteMetric2 .
alcatelIND1OSPF3MIBConformance .
alcatelIND1OSPF3MIBCompliances .
alcatelIND1OSPF3MIBGroups .