The AC-PM-Analog MIB offers performance monitoring
        For the Analog related elements in Audiocodes' devices.
        The Configuration sub-tree is for configuring the interval
        Period length for the entire AC-PM-Analog MIB, and the 
        different tables' thresholds.
        The Data sub-tree presents the tables of monitored
        Note  - for the entire MIB the value (-1) means the value
        Asked for is either not supported or currently not relevant
        (this is for when values asked for are for intervals not yet

Imported Objects

audioCodes, acRegistrations, acGeneric, acProducts, acBoardMibs, acPerformanceAUDIOCODES-TYPES-MIB
OBJECT-TYPE, MODULE-IDENTITY, Unsigned32, Integer32, enterprisesSNMPv2-SMI
TAddress, DisplayString, DateAndTime, TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONSNMPv2-TC
acPMAnalog .
acPMAnalogConfiguration .
acPMAnalogConfigurationPeriodLength .
acPMAnalogConfigurationResetTotalCounters .
acPMAnalogUtilsAttributes .
acPMAnalogUtilsAttributesOffHookChannelsHighThreshold .
acPMAnalogUtilsAttributesOffHookChannelsLowThreshold .
acPMAnalogData .
acPMAnalogDataAcPMAnalogTimeFromStartOfInterval .
acPMAnalogUtils .
acPMOffHookChannelsTable .
acPMOffHookChannelsEntry .
acPMOffHookChannelsInterval .
acPMOffHookChannelsFullDayAverage .
acPMOffHookChannelsVal .
acPMOffHookChannelsAverage .
acPMOffHookChannelsMax .
acPMOffHookChannelsMin .
acPMOffHookChannelsVolume .
acPMOffHookChannelsTimeBelowLowThreshold .
acPMOffHookChannelsTimeBetweenThresholds .
acPMOffHookChannelsTimeAboveHighThreshold .